It's like Stone Age, but with Trolls

More viking game goodness appears to be on deck


Sorry for the lack of content this week, folks. Real job getting in the way of fun these days. Thus, I don’t have time for a lengthy post bemoaning the rise in viking-themed pop culture stuff and will, instead, just bring the thunder up front. Champions of Midgard is a viking-themed board game of worker placement and dice chucking and, apparently, it’s coming to digital.

I don’t know much more than that at the moment. It appears to be the brainchild of Russian developer, MidGameLab, and that’s all I really know right now.

The Steam page is live, but the game itself is not yet available. It’s also labeled as Early Access, so I’m guessing we’re a way out from getting a full release version. That said, it does offer system reqs for both Windows and Mac, so at least we know it’s coming to those two platforms.

We’re trying to get MidGameLab on the phone to dig up more information. We’ll pass it along as soon as we unearth anything.

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Notable Replies

  1. Haven’t had a chance to play, but I’ve heard good things, especially when you start adding in the expansions.

    I am definitely loving how many tabletop games have come/will be coming to digital. I don’t always like the way they are implemented and I’ve often bemoaned what I perceive as mistakes to the multiplayer setup, but $5-10 for a rules-enforced demo of a $60+ is a good deal for me.

  2. I have the boardgame, and have played it a few times, and really enjoy it. i also kickstarted the expansions and merged them all into one box, but haven’t yet tried them.

    the game plays like the usual worker placement, but there is also dice combat which i find fun and a nice addition to the usual euro. There are quite a few mechanisms at play, and they mesh together well. I can’t wait to play digitally. hopefully against a.i.

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