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Race for the Galaxy heading to mobile. This time, for real.

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If you’re one of our seven readers (and, if you’re reading this, you are! Thanks!), you might have noticed that we announced a mobile version of celebrated card game, Race for the Galaxy, last week and then promptly removed said story. No, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke or a prank on our part. Instead, it was me being an idiot. I received a press release for RftG last week and promptly posted the story only later realizing that the press release contained an embargo and I shouldn’t have spilled the beans until today. Now, after doing this for over six years I still haven’t grokked the purpose of embargoes on press releases but we also don’t want to be dicks, so we’ll try to abide by them as much as possible.

My inner voice just told me that none of you give a rat’s ass about any of this backstage nonsense and just want to know if RftG is coming to mobile or not. Yes, it is, and you’ll have it on iOS and Android on May 3.

Race for the Galaxy was released in 2007 and quickly became one of the most beloved card games of the decade. Created by Tom Lehman, the game uses role selection and a staggering system of iconography to tell the story of space exploration, expansion, and conquest.

Race for the Galaxy is a phase choosing game. Players secretly and simultaneously determine which one of seven phases they will lock in, then all reveal at once. Choosing a phase guarantees that it will happen for everyone, so advanced players will keep a close eye on rival civilizations to determine a phase that will benefit one’s empire the most while benefitting opponents the least. Will you build an engine to ramp up VP generation on cheapo production planets? Will you invest in exploration and settle rare and valuable VP rich planets? Or will you rush a military conquest to cut off your opponents before they have a chance to develop their strategy!

Yes, Race for the Galaxy is a euro and was one of the games to coin the phrase Multiplayer Solitaire. You can affect other players a bit with your phase selection but, for the most part, you’ll be building your own civilization and there’s not much anyone can do about it. Still, playing your hand skillfully is quite the puzzle to unravel and should give strategy and tactics lovers a go for their money.

Developed by Temple Gates Games, the mobile version will use the AI for RftG developed over the past 10 years by Keldon Jones. This is great news, as Keldon’s AI is basically the Deep Blue of RftG. I think I can safely say that RftG will have the best AI of any card or board game ever ported to a mobile device and, if you think I’m exaggerating, you can check out his AI now for PC/Mac and see how many wins you can pull off.

Besides solo play vs. the AI, RftG will also have online multiplayer, both asynchronous and real-time. The mobile release will run $7 and will have six additional starting planets included for free as well as both the Gathering Storm and Rebels vs. Imperium expansions available via IAP at launch.

The quick beta test will begin this Wednesday, and they’re accepting signups right now. Head over here and get in on RftG early.

No video for the digital version, but you can watch Kaja and Joanna from Starlit Citadel give an overview and review below.

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  1. js619 says:

    Trying my best to put on a surprised face! Apparently there's no emoji for that?

  2. I clicked that Beta sign up link so hard my phone reset.

    I've had the RFTG AI installed on every computer I've owned since he released it, so I'm very happy to hear they're using it in the mobile versions.


    (Did I do it right?)

  4. js619 says:

  5. Be sure to update, everyone. The notifications make a huge difference.

    The randoms I'm playing are all taking their turns more quickly now. That's huge in a game like RftG.

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