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Feed the Universe in Just Released Space Food Truck

Be honest, when you hear a game’s called “Space Food Truck” and the art looks like it came right out of Phineas & Ferb, your first reaction is to click over to another website. WAIT! Don’t let the silly name or cartoony art fool you, Space Food Truck is a real game with real strategy and deserves a look-see. What can I do to convince you? Well, first of all it’s developed by One Man Left of Outwitters fame.

Whew, glad to see you’ve decided to stay.

Space Food Truck is a cooperative game meaning that you can go solo or drag along up to 3 friends to share the fun. Each player controls one role on the ship: captain, scientist, engineer, and, of course, chef. Your goal is to roam space in search of exotic ingredients to complete three meals and then deliver them to the planets that crave those dishes. Thus, the game has a bit of pick-up-and-deliver feel but the main mechanism is deckbuilding. Each player begins with 10 cards which determine your actions each turn, and you add new cards as you go along.

Space Food Truck has been out for PC/Mac since March, but today it made its way to both iPad and Android tablets. The game features gameplay for 1-4 players, and multiplayer can be handled via pass-and-play or via asynchronous online play. The galaxy is procedurally generated, so every game will play completely differently with games normally lasting 1-2 hours.

Space Food Truck is rather well regarded over at Steam, and it’s always good to see another PC game make its way to tablets.

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