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2D turn-based shooter, SteamWorld Heist, lands on iOS

Thanks to our intrepid undercover reporter, [redacted -ed.], we knew that Image & Form was close to releasing their super-popular 2D shooter, SteamWorld Heist on iOS very soon. What we didn’t realize is that “very soon” meant “now”. That’s right, the much anticipated SteamWorld Heist is now available for iOS Universal.

SteamWorld Heist is a tactical shooter (think XCOM), that resembles a platformer. That is, it’s 2D tactical, turn-based shooter. Have I mentioned that it’s 2D and a tactical shooter enough? How about that it’s turn-based? Ok. The other important thing to know is that the main character’s name is Piper Faraday, clearly a relative of a certain Owen. That should be enough for everyone to buy, right?

Still not sold? What sets this apart from other shooters (did I mention it’s a 2D, tactical, turn-based shooter?) is there are no dice rolls. No missing a baddie at close range when the game tells you that you have a 90% hit chance. Instead, you aim your guns manually, and can use the environment to ricochet shots and do all sorts of cool stuff. From what I hear, it’s GOTY material and I haven’t even mentioned recruiting new soldiers or the fact that levels are procedurally generated.

You’ve probably already left and are running to the App Store, but I’m going to throw a link down here anyway for the more patient readers. You can pick SteamWorld Heist up right now for $7.

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