Is this the darkest timeline?

Three Games You Can Play To Distract From This Sense of Impending Doom You’re Feeling

I’ve always defended mobile games as more than mere distractions. But today… Today I need some distractions from this newfound sense of overwhelming dread I woke up with, and you might, too. Here are three quality “distractions” you can play today and into the coming months. (And if you’re not feeling particularly down today, here are some good games that are worth playing.)


Look, I know this doesn't look like a game for SP readers. Just hear me out...
Look, I know this doesn’t look like a game for SP readers. Just hear me out…

Snakebird’s cute aesthetic is a welcome respite from the ugliness we’ve seen and no doubt will see more of in the near future. The deceptively simple design hides some seriously devious puzzles. Take a look at the iTunes reviews for a laugh/cry sometime; they’re full of one-star reviews saying that the first level is unbeatable. It seems sometimes that the last thing we need is another Sokobon-style puzzler, but Snakebird more than justifies its existence with the introduction of Snake-inspired mechanics and gravity to the formula. It’s the kind of puzzle game that consumes your thoughts when you’re not playing it, which is exactly what I need right now.


Reigns gets even weirder than this.
Reigns gets even weirder than this.

Hark back to a simpler time with the feudal ruling simulation/Tinder mash-up Reigns. Humor is my go-to coping mechanism, and Reigns is one of the most darkly humorous games I’ve ever played. You might balk at the idea of playing an ostensibly political game to distract from the state of the world right now, but dealing with all the absurd misfortunes that can befall your ruler feels perversely soothing today. Beyond the subject matter, the swipe left/swipe right mode of interaction is exactly the kind of near-mindless activity I need to occupy my nervously fidgeting hands right now.

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Have any other games you’re playing to get through today? Post ’em in the forums! We’ll get through this together.

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Notable Replies

  1. Tigana says:

    Frost is my go to distraction game. Nothing like immanent doom to take my mind away from watching the slow decay of America.

    I still have difficulty choosing Cannibalism. So gruesome.

  2. I actually bought Steamworld Heist because I felt the need to blow things up.

  3. Oddly enough two crusty old (non universal) abstracts have managed to get me through the past few days. Each equipped with a flexibly difficult AI.

    5x5 Shogi (MiniShogi) K55

    For The Win Game

  4. I haven’t had a chance to check Frost out yet, unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll get a chance soon before we start talking about GOTY posts, because I suspect it would probably get a spot in my shortlist.

  5. js619 says:

    Frost was great; my only complaint about it was the text was hard to read on my iPhone 6… I never installed it on my iPad, as I don’t need any more solo games competing with Pathfinder!

  6. I played the demo on Steam a while back and rather liked it. I had every intention of picking it up on iOS when it released, but haven’t yet.

  7. It’s better on iPad–I had it on both devices and took it off my phone because it’s so much easier to play with the larger text. I’m with you on the addictiveness of Pathfinder (I think we talked about that game in our TS chat?), but having advanced two parties through AD3, I was ready to take a break from that one.

  8. js619 says:

    Pretty sure we did… I just finished 3 on legendary and am doing 5 now. I’ve only used the same six characters; I’ll have to branch out at some point…

  9. You know, I bought the pack with rise of the runelords when it first came out, and I played the opening scenario and I think one after that. I liked it well enough, but for whatever reason it really hasn’t grabbed me and I’ve felt no rush to go back to it (not at all unusual for me).

  10. js619 says:

    I bought the whole kit and kaboodle when the game first came out, just based on its recommendations. Took me a while to get into it, but it’s now become my go to solo iPad game. I can see where it wouldn’t appeal though - kind of my thoughts on Heroes of the Multiverse.

  11. Playing Pathfinder reminds me a bit of playing the original Final Fantasy, because the variety of classes in that game (yes, I know there were only 6) inspired me to play through it several times with different parties. I’m doing something similar with Pathfinder, with three different parties saved. I don’t typically switch characters between missions.

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