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Ghostly board game, Mysterium, headed to digital

If you’ve ever played Mysterium I’m sure the last thing on your mind was if a digital version was in development. It’s a great board game, but it involves players all discussing strange images that have been handed to them from another player. Thus, it seems to be most at home around a dining room table or the like. Well, Asmodee Digital is saying whatever to all that and is going forward with a digital version of Mysterium anyway. After reading what they have planned, I have to admit I’m actually excited to see this on my iPad.

Mysterium is a cooperative game that’s played in teams. One team consists of the paranormal investigators who are spending the night in a spooky old house, and the other team is one player who isn’t allowed to speak throughout the entire game. They play the ghost. The ghost was murdered and it’s up to the investigators to discover its killer, Cluedo style. Each player has to identify a person, weapon, and place using only clues they receive from the ghost. The clues come in the form of surreal art on cards. The ghost has a hand of such cards and hands them out to the players so they can determine which person, place, or weapon belongs to them. Once all the investigators have singled out a potential murderer, the actual murderer must be determined in a final round. If the correct culprit is determined, the ghost’s spirit is set free and the players all win the game. If not, well, the house remains spooky.

The digital version will offer online multiplayer with in-game chat, so you can all converse over the different images the ghost is sending your way. It will also have a story mode for solo play. Surprisingly, the expansion, Hidden Signs, will be available via IAP when it launches as well.

Mysterium will be available for iOS, Android, and on Steam in early December. The iOS and Android version will run $7, while the Steam version will cost $10.

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  1. Pitta says:

    This looks awesome.

    Eager to try it.

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