I fell into a burning storm of fire.

Commands & Colors title The Great War entering closed beta

While the mac daddy of Commands & Colors games, Memoir ’44, is stubbornly staying away from our tablets, it looks like we’ll have plenty of other options using Richard Borg’s iconic war game system soon. We already have Battlelore from Fantasy Flight and, recently, GMT Games announced that they’re moving forward with C&C: Ancients and C&C: Napoleonics. We had heard last year that HexWar was going to be working on the World War I themed title, The Great War, but yesterday we learned that it’s going into closed beta.

The Great War is similar to other games in the Commands & Colors line in that the action is driven by cards which allow you to move different units in different sections of the board. This one covers WWI, meaning it focuses on trench warfare which is a different beast than any other C&C title and one that I’m curious to see how it plays out. There are expansions to the cardboard version that focus on tank battles, but we haven’t yet learned if these expansions will be available in the digital version.

The Great War is entering closed beta, you can be a part of it. Head over here and sign up. The beta is for PC & Mac only, so don’t go in hoping to play right away on your iPad. We should be getting into the beta soon, so we’ll let you know as much as HexWar will let us over the next couple weeks.

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  1. js619 says:

    1775: Rebellion soured me a little on Hexwar’s multiplayer implementation… hopefully they do a little better with this one on iOS…

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