The most terrifying crime family of all: pandas and bunnies.

Blizzard releases latest Hearthstone expansion, Mean Streets of Gadzetzan

Two years ago the arrival of a new Hearthstone expansion would have been major news worthy of getting a certain Faraday out of bed to give us his thoughts on what was (and maybe still is?) the biggest game on mobile. Today it’s a bit meh. Sure, Hearthstone is still a pretty great game, but with this being the umpteenth expansion I find it hard to jump up and down and holler when a new one is released.

That said, we still have at least one major Hearthstone fan chained in the manor’s wine cellar and I’m sure there are some of you who still pick it up and give it a go every once in a while. Today will be a good day to delve back in as Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was unleashed this morning.

Much like the other “big” expansions for Hearthstone, Gadzetzan includes 130+ new cards to add to your decks. This one has a cool theme of gangsters and ne’er-do-wells that gives me a Philip Marlowe meets Al Capone meets Harry Dresden vibe. The gimmick in this set are tri-class cards, which are special cards that can only be used by 3 classes. There are only 9 of them in the entire set, but they consist of some of the more important members of the three crime families running the goblin metropolis.

As usual, Hearthstone is free to play with the new cards coming via booster pack IAP.

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Notable Replies

  1. Strangely enough, the moment they introduced set rotation was the moment I stopped playing/spending.

    Despite the fact I have played plenty of cardboard games with set rotation, the fact that this game is ephemeral, the opponents plentiful and anonymous means there is no lasting narrative for me.

    Maybe my interest will pick up, maybe not, but I also think the game plays too slow.

  2. Standard is God-awful, as usual, within two days of the new set’s release.

    Here’s what you’ll be playing:

    1. Jade Druid

    2. Pirate Warrior

    3. A counter to one of the above.

    There are no other options. Have fun.

  3. Yeah, don’t even bother with a control or mid-range deck. Well, not if you’re interested in ever winning a game.

    I thought it was impossible, but HS has gone even more aggro.

    I guess that’s what you get with over-powering all low-cost cards, not allowing the off-turn player to do a single thing, and capping health at 30.

    Worst design team ever. It’s not even close.

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