How can they make it so good and sell it so cheap?

Price plunge: Paradox titles on sale via Bundle Stars

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Bundle Stars yet, now might be the time. Paradox makes some of the greatest strategy titles out there, and nearly all of them are on sale right now if you buy through Bundle Stars.

What are you waiting for?

Paradox publishes games for just about every genre, from Cities: Skylines for the builders out there, to Pillars of Eternity for those wanting an old-school, Infinity Engine-style RPG to spend the next 100 hours in. Both are on sale, with Cities: Skylines coming as cheap as $10 and Pillars of Eternity as low as $24.

How’s about some sci-fi 4X goodness? You can pick up Stellaris for just under $35. Of course, the title everyone knows Paradox from is the grand strategy masterpiece, Europa Universalis IV. You can’t pick that one up by itself, but if you’re willing to bundle it with some other Paradox classics–Hearts of Iron III, Victoria II, and Crusader Kings II–you can pick up all four titles for only $25.

That’s just a taste. Almost everything Paradox is on sale at Bundle Stars and you can find the entire list right here. Head on over and get your Paradox shopping done well before the holidays.

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