Double, double toil and trouble

Potion Explosion set to debut tonight/tomorrow

Asmodee has been on a digital rampage over the past couple months. Since Thanksgiving in late November, they’ve released Colt Express and Mysterium and tomorrow we’ll see another Asmodee creation, Potion Explosion.

Potion Explosion is a board game that is kind of like Bejeweled but with marbles. Before you run out the door, it’s not an exact clone of Bejeweled. In fact, gameplay is so different that they’re really only alike in appearance. You’re presented with a board filled with different potion ingredients. Each turn you must take one ingredient, causing those above it to slide down. If ingredients match when they slide, they explode and you get all those ingredients as well. The object is to make potions which will earn you victory points and special abilities. Each potion has a different power which you can only use after brewing it, so picking combinations of useful potions becomes more important than looking for potions with high point values or simply what ingredients are more plentiful on the board.

Potion Explosion is a lighter game, but one that works better than you think it would when you see all the marbles on the tabletop. I’ve been able to try out a pre-release version of the app as well, and it’s very well done and should be quite a hit for Asmodee.

It’s set to launch on Thursday, but with App Store timing that could be anywhere from midnight tonight through the next 24 hours. Keep checking the App Store. It should be released for both Android and iOS Universal.

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