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Eric Lang and Cool Mini or Not team up again for Rising Sun

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The last time Eric Lang and Cool Mini or Not joined forces on Kickstarter, it cost me just shy of $300 to get about a million boxes full of some of the coolest plastic figures I’d ever seen. While this made me happier than the birth of my 3rd child, my wife thinks Eric Lang is the devil incarnate and Cool Mini or Not a writhing den of pure evil intent on destroying our bank account. Not sure about the Eric Lang part, but she’s not too far off on Cool Mini or Not. Unfortunately, yesterday they launched their latest joint Kickstarter and, yes, I’ve already pledged.

The game is Rising Sun and it looks a bit like Blood Rage with wallpaper straight from Feudal Japan. The similarity only seems to apply to the map-like board, however, as the gameplay sounds a bit more interactive than Eric Lang’s viking-themed forerunner.

Rising Sun is a board game for 3 to 5 players set in legendary feudal Japan. As the Kami descend from the heavens to reshape the land in their image, it is up to each player to lead their clan to victory. Use politics to further your cause, negotiate to seek the most profitable alliances, worship the Kami to gain their favor, recruit monsters out of legend to bolster your forces, and use your resources wisely to be victorious in battle.

Of course, there are miniatures and, this being CMoN, they’re spectacular.


I can’t wait to ruin these with a crappy paint job.

This being CMoN, it should also come as no surprise that the Kickstarter is raking in crazy amounts of cash. It went live yesterday at 3pm EST, and I checked in about 2 hours later only to find that it had already exceeded its funding goal, and had already topped $1 million. Right now it stands at $1.5 million and there are still 26 days to go. Their Kickstarters are always full of crazy stretch goals, so it’s always fun to get on board and see all the cool new things getting added to your pledge.

Check out the Kickstarter for a lot more information, and watch the video below to see some gameplay in action.

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    The only thing harder than my prostate is my attitude to CMON KS projects. The best thing they ever did was distribute The Grizzled, and maybe Dogs of War.

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