Pre-quill. Love it.

Hardback, a prequel/sequel to the fabulous Paperback coming to Kickstarter

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When it comes to word games on tabletop, there’s Paperback and then there’s everything else. Designer Tim Fowers somehow managed to take a rather stuffy genre and make it interesting by crossing it with everyone’s favorite and most overused mechanism, deckbuilding. Yes, I’m not a huge fan of either word games or deckbuilding, but put together it’s near perfection.

Today, Tim Fowers announced a new game in the series: Hardback.

We literally know nothing about Hardback other than it appears the designer loves puns almost as much as we do. It’s being called a pre-quill to Paperback, and the art has that same playful flavor as its predecessor which makes sense as it’s from the same artist, Ryan Goldsberry. We also know that it’s coming to Kickstarter on April 3rd.

I have a message sent to Mr. Fowers, and I’ll try to get any new information I can before the Kickstarter begins. If not, I’ll be sure to remind you on April 3rd. Pretty sure I’ll be backing this one.

Wondering if this is Paige Turner’s grandmother.
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Notable Replies

  1. I enjoy Paperback too.
    It’s been nice to get it out and introduce it to word-game players who’ve never seen a strategy or deck-building game. Hoping for multiplayer on the app at some point …

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