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Every Single Soldier recruiting iOS sailors for upcoming Carrier Deck

iPad, PC •

Every Single Soldier are the genius minds behind the beloved Vietnam ’65 and this year’s Afghanistan ’11. Vietnam ’65 has been on our tablets since 2015 and Afghanistan ’11 should make it there shortly. Their next title, Carrier Deck, is coming to iPad as well, but if you’re thinking it will be another hex-and-counter war game, think again. Instead, Carrier Deck will be a naval real-time management simulation without a hex in sight and they’re looking for beta testers now for both iOS and PC.

Carrier Deck puts you on the deck of the Nimitz-class nuclear powered supercarrier, the USS Ronald Reagan. You’ll play as the Air Officer during an active conflict, which means you’ll be in charge of everything aircraft-related on the ship. The game will play in real time, and you’ll have to manage not just the loading of each aircraft but their takeoff and landings as well. Just typing this paragraph is giving me a stress headache.

There’s more:

  • Full management of the flight deck incl, moving, fueling and arming of aircraft
  • Aircraft maintenance and management of the hangar deck
  • Selecting and launching of search missions to detect enemy air, surface and submarine threats
  • Tasking and launching of intercept missions
  • Special Forces deployment and Amphibous operations
  • Ground strikes and close air support missions
  • Receiving and dispatching cargo missions
  • Full range of aircraft and helicopters onboard from fighters to early warning and detection aircraft.

It sounds too incredible to actually work, but that’s where you come in. Slitherine is looking for testers for both the PC and iOS version of the game. You can sign up at the links below, and then let us know how awesome it is once the NDA expires.


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Notable Replies

  1. js619 says:

    Put in for the beta on this… little up in the air about the realtime, but hoping it works well.

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