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Tank on Tank rolls onto Steam

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You ever get an email from someone that triggers a memory of a long-ago email that you were supposed to reply to, but forgot and now you feel like an ass? It happens to me at least three times a week, with the latest being an incoming missive from Jo Bader, the developer who brought the digital version of Tank on Tank to life. We reported on our ignorance of Tank on Tank’s existence back in February which prompted a discussion between us and the fine folks at Lock ‘n Load that we let die an inglorious death in our inbox. This is why I yell at my kids to be more organized, so they don’t grow up to be major screw ups like their old man (that, and I’m sick of always picking up their crap). Anyway, back to Mr. Bader’s email. If, for some reason, you’ve been putting off getting Tank on Tank directly from the LnL website and really wanted it in your Steam library instead, today’s your lucky day.

Tank on Tank is a light wargame in which 2 sides battle with…wait for it…tanks. It’s really only a “light” game in comparison to other wargames. Don’t let the “light” descriptor deceive you, Tank on Tank still has a lot of meat on its bones. Action points, line of sight, hexes(!), counters, terrain, and a hefty campaign all await you in a game that can, literally, be learned in a few minutes. Even I get it, and I can’t tie my shoes without singing the “bunny ears” rhyme. If a lengthy single player campaign isn’t tripping your trigger, there’s also head-to-head online multiplayer or quick matches against the AI.

Until now, if you wanted to play Tank on Tank you needed to download the game directly from the LnL site. Starting today, you can download it for PC/Mac from everyone’s favorite/least favorite download site, Steam. The game is available for both Mac and PC and is currently on sale. You can bundle both East and West front right now for the cost of one of the titles via direct download, which is a pretty great deal. Links and trailer below.

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Notable Replies

  1. Screw Steam.

    I still remember when this was supposed to roll right onto my iPad, directly from the Playdek factory.

  2. I think it’s still planned for iPad at some point. I’ll try to hit up the dev and see if that’s still in the cards.

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