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Nice-ometrics – Tokyo 42 Drops May 31

Windows, Console •

I’ve been exercising an increasing regime of self-control in regards to SMAC Games’ Tokyo 42. Isolated and insulated against everything bar the basics. All I really know so far is that it is going to be a Jolly Good Time.

The isometric action title is being published by Frozen Synapse developer Mode 7 Games, which is a fine indicator that something very good is inbound. There’s a wealth of video footage out there now, if you need any further convincing that arming Syndicate with Neon Nerd buckshot is just what’s missing in your life. The Steam page however keeps it short and simple.

Tokyo 42 is a hyper-stylish isometric open-world shooter. Framed for a murder you didn’t commit, you’ll delve into a world of assassins, deadly corporate intrigue and…tactical cats.

Spin the camera to see every angle of this beautifully hand-crafted micro Tokyo, as you discover a huge range of weapons, secrets and stories.

Skilful shooting, bullet physics, sneaky stealth and crowd simulation all play a role in this ultra-colourful kinetic frenzy.

A single player open-world story mode and a host of multiplayer modes await in this unique and critically acclaimed action masterpiece.

I know I’m going to be sinking a lot of time into Tokyo 42. For one, it’s gorgeous. Not to mention, isometric action is a highly-regarded personal jam. With the Helldivers-shaped hole in my heart still looking to be plugged — square peg, round hole, whatever. Just fill it! — this vibrant, violent and still enigmatic shooter could be the next big thing.

Paul also cut a damn fine trailer, which vanishes from the palate just as fast as it arrives, but leaves a fellow hungry. See below.

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