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Next up for HexWar, the War of 1812

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While you’re probably familiar with the fact that, last year, HexWar published a digital version of Academy Games‘ wonderful 1775: Rebellion, you might not be aware that 1775 isn’t the only game in the series. It’s actually only one of three games dealing with early American warfare with the others covering the French and Indian War of 1754 and the War of 1812. The games aren’t clones of each other, but they do share several similarities, so I had been wondering if HexWar would be porting the others to digital at some point down the line. We aren’t sure about 1754, but today they did confirm that 1812: The Invasion of Canada will be coming to in June.

1812: The Invasion of Canada has up to 5 players taking on roles of combatants in the conflict with the British side being comprised of British Regulars, Canadian Militia, and Native Americans, while the US side controls both American Regulars and American Militia. The map covers the area from Montreal to Detroit, and combat is handled much like in 1775 with each combatant having a set of unique dice.

HexWar’s version hews close to its cardboard cousin, apparently even keeping the board colors consistent this time around.

  • 3 Scenarios – 1812, 1812 (Short) and 1813.
  • Play solo vs. 3 AI difficulties
  • 60 Cards (Movement & Event)
  • Cross-platform 2 player online play or up to 5 player hot seat multiplayer.
  • A Faithful conversion of the original board game.

1812 will initially be released for PC/Mac/Linux in June, and they’re still looking for beta testers. If you’re interested, you can sign up here. It will then be coming to both iPad and Android tablets down the road.

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Notable Replies

  1. 2 player online in a 5 player game? Hex war seems to be doubling down on their Academy Games failures.

  2. The board game plays best with either 2 or 5 players. Not so well with 3 or 4 (then one or two people have to control multiple factions).

    With 2 it works great with each player controlling all the factions for one side. Not sure why they aren’t including online multiplayer up to 5, but it might have to be with the crappiness of the 3-4 player game and an inability to only allow 2 or 5 players? Not sure.

  3. @Neumannium

    Oh, I know, I’m just being salty that neither this nor 1775 allow for the (superior) team play online. I have 1775 in both cardboard and digital and we never touch the iOS version because it completely arbitrarily limits our numbers.

  4. Yep, not buying this game after buying 1775. I guess it’s my own fault, assuming “online multiplayer” meant “online multiplayer for up to the maximum number of players allowed by the rules like every other board game port”. Courageous devs, Hexwar.

    In the players wanted thread, I did suggest a workaround for playing 1775 as a proper 4P game. Any other frustrated 1775 owners want to try?

  5. I’m pretty much over HexWar. They should call it HexWidgets, since every single release looks and plays the same as all the others.

  6. @Neumannium

    Even though it isn’t in the Birth of America series, there is a fourth game that uses the mechanics 878 - Vikings. I haven’t played it yet but am very much looking forward to it.

  7. Yes, I’ve Kickstarted it and am eagerly awaiting it as well.

  8. js619 says:

    Firmly agree with the other comments… pretty certain I’ll never spend another dime on a Hexwar product after the debacle that 1775 was with regards to multiplayer.

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