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One Deck Dungeon Kickstarter goes live

PC/Mac/Linux •

Due to some unforeseen issues that popped up yesterday, I wasn’t around the Stately offices to sound the alarm when Handelabra unleashed their latest endeavor, One Deck Dungeon, on Kickstarter. I’m back today, so…um, Handelabra has launched the One Deck Dungeon Kickstarter. Yeah, I really should have practiced this intro more.

We talked about One Deck Dungeon a couple weeks ago when we first found out that Handelabra and Asmadi Games had joined forces. Our knowledge of what to expect at that point was shrouded in mystery, with only the knowledge that they were targeting Steam. With the Kickstarter going live, the veil has been lifted and we’ve been gifted a bevy of new info about the digital version of One Deck Dungeon.

The first retail release of One Deck Dungeon will be $10 (USD) and will include all the content from the base tabletop game. The rules and card effects will be carefully adapted and thoroughly tested by expert players, including the designer, Chris Cieslik.

  • Includes 5 heroes, 5 dungeons, and 44 encounter cards
  • Solo play with 1 or 2 heroes
  • Local co-op play with 2 heroes
  • Campaign mode allows you to build up a hero’s power over multiple plays
  • Choose your hero & dungeon, or face a randomized challenge
  • Learn the game while you play with an interactive tutorial
  • Original music for each dungeon by Beatscribe (some tracks adapted from the tabletop soundtrack, others brand new)
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux (system requirements)
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud Saves

That’s just a quick list. The Kickstarter goes into more detail on several of these points as well, such as the five heroes you can choose from and the five dungeons you can explore. It also goes a bit into how the game plays and more. There are, of course, also stretch goals and different pledge levels, so a trip to Kickstarter to see all the details is probably a good move on your part.

The Kickstarter is looking for a minimum of $20K and they’re already more than 50% of the way there after only one day. Of course, the better the Kickstarter does, the more content and polish we’ll see in the finished product, so there are still reasons to pledge even if they reach their goal well before the Kickstarter ends.

The Kickstarter version is only for PC/Mac/Linux, but Handelabra have mentioned that a tablet version would be in the cards if the Kickstarter does well. Another reason to head on over and pledge.

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  1. And this reminds me to get the cardboard version for a young lady for Christmas…

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