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Antihero lands on mobile and it’s pretty damn great

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We looked at the Steam version of original board game, Antihero, last year and kind of loved it. We knew it was coming to mobile at some point down the road, but yesterday it just showed up on the App Store without any warning. Did we do something wrong to not get a press release? Does Versus Evil hate us? Probably, but I like to think they were just releasing it all stealthy. You know, like a thief in the night. Because it’s a game about thieves. Yeah, you’re right, they probably just hate us.

Antihero is a 1-on-1 board game in which each player controls a guild of ne’er-do-wells led by your charismatic master thief. Each turn you use your thief’s action points to scout the city and burgle homes and businesses, then use their minions to take control of said businesses or cut the throats of anyone who stands in your way. It’s a game full of interesting choices, but it’s very easy to pick up and isn’t much more complicated than something like Ticket to Ride.

The game comes with a single-player campaign that acts like a very long tutorial with new mechanisms doled out at each stop along the way. It’s a fun way to learn the game, even though I wish there were more single player stuff to do. As it is, it’s the tutorial campaign and skirmish matches against the AI.

There is also online asynchronous multiplayer for those of us [all of us? -ed.] who like to jab a dagger into our best friends’ back. There’s also real-time play if you don’t mind setting aside a chunk of your day to play. You really shouldn’t mind too much, the games aren’t that long and are engaging enough that your interest shouldn’t wander.

Antihero arrives fully featured, with nothing to purchase past the initial $5. There is some IAP, but it’s all completely cosmetic, merely unlocking new skins for your master thief. It’s completely unnecessary but, of course, I purchased them because I want my thief to look like Sherlock Holmes or Scrooge.

Antihero is a pretty great original board game, and one that would be fun to play in a physical version face-to-face. Check it out and let’s meet up in-game where you’ll find that I have a very unhealthy attraction to truant officers. Don’t ask.

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Notable Replies

  1. Just got the iOS version for $5, so not sure if that is a sale or a price change. Just when I thought I might be going outside today…

  2. Drat…I had linked to the Australian App Store. You’re correct. In the US it’s $5. The link has been updated.

  3. FWIW, I followed your link to buy it and it worked fine, and I was ready to spend $8 on it based on your review, I think only the label is off in your post.

  4. Can anyone confirm whether the game includes rules reference/summary (like boardgames app do in general)? Or are the rules only explained in the tutorial(s)?

  5. As far as I can tell, there are no written rules. You just learn the game from the tutorials.

  6. Yeah, there’s not too much to remember, as the game’s rules are simple and straightforward, IMO.

  7. Neep65 says:

    What with this, Pathfinder Duels appearing today and Dresden Files incoming, feels like I’m struggling to keep up already

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