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Our Most Anticipated Games of 2018: Tanner Hendrickson

[Right around New Year’s, I’d asked all the writers to pen something about games they’re looking forward to in 2018. I had assumed one or two from everyone, which would lead to a single article with everyone’s picks and that would be it. Instead, each writer sent me a bevy of games making me realize that one article probably wouldn’t cut it. Hey, I love 4000 word articles as much as the next guy, but it’s easy for games to get lost in something that vast. So, I decided to split it all up and give each member of the Stately Staff their own day to shine. Today, Tanner -ed.]

Knuckle Sandwich


Andrew Brophy’s trippy JRPG Knuckle Sandwich has been on my radar for a couple years now. I love JRPGs with non-traditional settings and a sense of humor, and Knuckle Sandwich appears to have both in spades.


  • Coming in 2018 for PC/Mac


I gave up hope of there ever being a new Advance Wars game when I saw Nintendo promote Wargroove, an explicit homage to the series, in a Nintendo Direct . I’m fine with it though, because Wargroove seems to get what makes an Advance Wars game great, and as far as I know isn’t funded with embezzled money.

  • Coming in 2018 for PC, Switch, Consoles

Into the Breach

Subset’s follow-up to FTL, Into the Breach  looks like a mash-up of Advance Wars, Edge of Tomorrow, and Pacific Rim. I don’t know about you, but all of those things are My Jam. I like my strategy games to be mechanically simple but packed with meaningful decisions to make, and the preview coverage so far indicates that Into the Breach is exactly that kind of game. Hopefully a mobile port will come out a little sooner than FTL, too.

  • Coming when it’s finished (hopefully 2018) for PC/Mac/Linux


Keita Takahashi’s first big project since the collapse of Glitch five years ago, Wattam follows in the steps of Noby Noby Boy as a sort of free-form toy box experience. I still fire up my PS3 from time to time to goof around in Noby Noby Boy, so I’m hoping this will be a worthy successor.

  • Coming in 2018 for PC

Netrunner for iOS


  • [Coming never and Tanner know’s it. -ed.]
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  1. Yay for Netrunner!

    Wait, what?

  2. and i thought the game “Netrunner” might have been published for Android devices.

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