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Our most anticipated games of 2018: Nick Vigdahl

[Right around New Year’s, I’d asked all the writers to pen something about games they’re looking forward to in 2018. I had assumed one or two from everyone, which would lead to a single article with everyone’s picks and that would be it. Instead, each writer sent me a bevy of games making me realize that one article probably wouldn’t cut it. Hey, I love 4000 word articles as much as the next guy, but it’s easy for games to get lost in something that vast. So, I decided to split it all up and give each member of the Stately Staff their own day to shine. Today, Nick. -ed.]

Monster Slayers on Mobile

It’s a bit odd to have one of my top games of 2017 as one of my most anticipated of 2018 but I can make it work.  Monsters Slayers is a superb deck-building roguelike with one and only flaw: It requires my computer to play. Nerdook, the mind behind the awesomeness, has confirmed the game will make the jump to mobile and though no timeframe was guaranteed I’m hoping to see it this year. Check out this fantastic and impressively written [and edited -ed.] review of the PC version and get pumped.

Pocket City

I want SimCity on my iPhone. This should be possible. Smartphones are orders of magnitude better than the PC on which I played SimCity 3000 Unlimited roughly 37 years ago. Yet here we are, 2018 and no SimCity on my iPhone. Could this be the year? Codebrew Games has given me hope with their upcoming Pocket City which looks really good and, at the very least, won’t be a freemium suckfest. Do it Codebrew Games, make it happen, take my money!

  • Coming in 2018 for iOS and Android

Bad North

Tower defense meets Total War in the upcoming Bad North, a real-time tactics game where you must defend your kingdom from wave after wave of Viking invaders. We’ve been watching this one since well before it had a name and it sure is shaping up well. Bad North will be released to mobile, PC, and consoles so you’ll be able to pick your platform. To me, this screams “play me on mobile!” I’m looking forward to pouring way too much time into it very soon.

  • Coming to mobile, Steam, and consoles in 2018

Into the Breach

Giant alien creatures have emerged from subterranean breeding grounds to lay waste to human cities and, presumably, have a little snack. And we just had things the way we wanted them… Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy roguelike where you control massive and powerful mechs sent from the future to stand before human civilization and its doom. Not sold yet? OK, how about this: It’s being developed by Subset Games, the makers of FTL. Into the Breach is coming first to Steam, but one has to assume this one has “mobile” written all over it as well.

  • Coming to Steam in 2018

Pit People

Yeah, ok, so this technically came out a year ago but in the gaming halfway house that is Steam Early Access. For every RimWorld and Factorio there are a hundred nearly unplayable games and I’ve found more of the latter than the former of late. Pit People, however, is nearing the point where it will push forth from its pre-release cocoon to become a really weird freaking butterfly, and I’m looking forward to checking it out. [Nick just recently did check out the Early Release version. His preview is here -ed.] It’s a turn-based game where you recruit strange critters and form a rag-tag army to go explore, take on quests, and fight the bad guys—you know, the usual, deadly robots, vicious vampires, and cute little cupcake people. There are both single-player and co-operative multiplayer options—which is somewhat rare, especially in a turn-based game—or you can play two-on-two multiplayer.


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Notable Replies

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to Pocket City.

  2. js619 says:

    From the subreddit, it appears to be in early beta (alpha, maybe?)

  3. I think alpha.

  4. Good to see Into the Breach on both lists so far–that’s probably my most anticipated game of 2018 (assuming Subset Games actually releases it this year).

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