More blood for the Blood God

Perchang releases expansion for Warhammer Quest 2, The Lord of Khorne

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Well this was supposed to be a big surprise with an embargo in place for early this morning, but it appears that was broken yesterday afternoon when a trailer appeared in our forums and tweets started floating about Twitter. I guess the embargo was more “guidelines” than actual rules, to quote Captain Barbossa. So, with the cat out of the bag, I present to you a new Warhammer Quest 2 expansion: The Lord of Khorne.

Of course, we all know Khorne as the Blood God, the chaotic lord of anger and hate, so it’s a fair guess that this expansion will bring with it a good amount of new, bloody combat. This occurs in a completely new region, Talabecland, which is being overrun by minions of the Blood God.

Luckily, you’ll have some help in your quest. Three new warriors can join your ranks: the Ogre, Warrior Priest, and Wardancer. Each new class has been created to feel completely different from all the other classes. For example, the Wardancer can leap over enemies and chasms while dual-wielding weapons. The Ogre can use his bulk to charge through groups of enemies, flattening them as he goes.

This new campaign and new lands to explore is available via a $5 IAP. Each new warrior class is available via IAP as well, with each character running you $3.

That’s not all that’s been added in the latest update, however. They’ve also included support for iPhone X and, more importantly, added dungeon ambush encounters which cause the difficulty to rise dramatically. Think the game was a little dull before? Now you’re never sure what you’ll find around the corner.

If you didn’t pull the trigger on WHQ2 back when it was released, you might want to do it now. To celebrate the first expansion’s release, Perchang has dropped the price of the base game from $5 to $3, so you’ll have a little extra coin to drop on those new characters. The update and new content are all available as we speak, so get to it.

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Notable Replies

  1. I was not all that fascinated with character growth in the original release. Even though characters were limited to certain gear and abilities, the admittedly short time that I played didn’t offer much differentiation between the characters. The new characters certainly pique my interest since they sound as if they are truly different. Perhaps I’ll cough up the money for one and see if it changes the experience for me.

  2. Pitta says:

    The biggest addition to this 2.0 version imho is that ambushes are back.
    That fundamentally changes the approach bringing back the thrill of exploration of the first game into the new one, where after level 5 or so it was lost imho.
    I know my Uber party that could walk on enemies before has been wiped out 2 times already.
    Still debating if using that one and sprint to new region (which is supposedly way harder), maybe with the Warpriest added, or starting over (again).

    Just because you know ambushes are possibile, you are WAY more careful and now even waiting at doors for enemies to come isn’t the perfect strategy anymore because there is chance that all of a sudden a Minotaur appears on your back…or worse…in the middle shielding warriors from mages aid.

    At least that was my first hour…can’t wait to play more tonight.

  3. js619 says:

    I’ll see your Minotaur and raise you seven of those rat assassins that somehow seem to deflect 90% of the ranged attacks I throw at them…

  4. Pitta says:

    Yeah those are nasty.

  5. Pitta says:

    The Lord of Khorne is, hands down, the best Warhammer Quest campaign ever (both 1 and 2).

    My uber party just got massacrated at quest 5 or 6 (and previous ones weren’t a piece of cake too).
    Both the generic new enemies and the special ones are fantastic.
    Again, ambushes makes a world of difference…can’t wait to restart, new playthrough will be hard as nails.

    Some pics I took, during a series of epic fights which weakened everyone till the final room, where I got massacrated.
    Started fine with tight formation then it went downhill.

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