I usually don't put a lot of faith in screenshots, but this alone is getting me to buy Wartile.

Real-time miniatures game, Wartile, arrives on Steam

PC (now), Mac and Tablets (coming soon) •

Back in January of 2017, Nick gave us a preview of an upcoming digital miniatures game, Wartile, and wouldn’t shut up about how great it was. We didn’t get a chance to play the game, but just looking at screenshots was enough to get us excited about what Playwood Project was working on. As of last week we can stop window shopping and actually try on this new dress because Wartile is now available on Steam.

Wartile is a real-time miniatures game which sounds like it would be utter chaos, but you need to shake the image of zerg rushes and base defense from your mind. The real-time used in Wartile has something called a “cool down system”, which means you can move pieces which then have to cool down before you can move them again. Thus, while it’s real-time it feels a bit more like a turn-based game, albeit both you and your opponent are taking simultaneous turns.

The environments are cutaway terrain chunks instead of flat maps. Think of the levels in Hitman GO, but with hexes, cliffs, mountains, and whatever the Wartile artists could conjure not to mention fewer dudes in black suits. Your army is made of actual figures that you move about the board and can assign special abilities and items to, making them yours rather than generic pieces on a board.

Does it work? Nick seemed to think so in his preview. Why haven’t I given it a go yet? Because the current release is Windows only, but there is a Mac and tablet version on the way. The current Steam reviews seem to back Nick up, and are fairly positive at this point. As an added bonus, it’s also on sale during the launch for 25% off.

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