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The reports of Stone Age’s death have been greatly exaggerated

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything relating to the App-ocalypse, the destruction wrought on the App Store when iOS 11 dropped last September. It was at that point that 32-bit apps were deemed unworthy of our love and sent packing. One of the better casualties was the digital rendition of Stone Age from Campfire Creations. This wasn’t a huge surprise, considering that Campfire Creations died a while back, leaving no one to update the app. Turns out, Campfire Creations wasn’t quite dead and, in fact, are feeling better. They definitely don’t want to go on the cart. How can we be so sure? Yesterday, Stone Age was updated to work with iOS 11.

Stone Age is an older title that was one of the first to jump on the worker placement bandwagon started by Caylus. It was pitched as a lighter worker placement game and accomplished this by throwing in some randomness. In most worker placement games, you put your little worker on the board and collect resources. Here, you put them on a space and roll dice which determine how many resources you can take home. There’s also a sex hut where you can make babies, so that’s cool.

The digital version of Stone Age is rather brilliant and when it released we all wondered what other fantastic board games we’d see from Campfire. Turns out we wouldn’t see any other board games, but now that they seem to be back on their feet, who knows. The update released yesterday for Stone Age mentions “a major refactoring of codebase for future development”. So, maybe we’ll see some new content in Stone Age, and maybe we’ll see this new code used in other apps. I’ll try to give them a call, but, to be honest, I haven’t had their number since way back in the PT days.

Stone Age is available for iOS Universal and runs $7. From our forums it appears that multiplayer matching is still tied to Game Center, which means you can’t create games and play with folks who weren’t on your friends list before Stone Age went dark. I’m sure that’s something that will be fixed (or else, what was the point?) but you might want to wait before jumping in. That said, the AI is pretty good and it’s definitely a fun game to play solo.


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Notable Replies

  1. and we can play online multiplayer league games with random strangers.
    the only games which reward leaderboard points, so i used to play lots of those. always solid fun.
    leaderboard does not function in the moment, but the devs have promised to bring it back.

  2. johnl says:

    I’ve noticed one bug already with the update, the value markers on tools are gone. Not a showstopper, as when you try to use it you immediately see its effect, but I imagine it would cause confusion for many.

  3. Hmmm, it’s asking me to buy again, even though it’s an update. Anyone else see similar? (I’ve logged out / in of App Store and restarted)

  4. Any chance this might leap to Android?

  5. Well it was a hidden purchase issue… all good now :slight_smile:

  6. The app now loads with a unity screen (I don’t think it did before) so could be a possibility.

  7. Promising indeed, would like to ask the devs about it, but apparently the only mean to do so is via Facebook which I do not use … :unamused:

    PS: never mind, found their twitter account, sent a message there.

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