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Civilization VI for iPad expands with Vikings and Poland

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That thing that we weren’t sure was going to happen just happened. Of course [the headline gives away any sense of suspense, you dolt -ed.], I’m talking about Civilization VI for iPad, specifically the question we had since it arrived on the App Store in December: Will Aspyr support it with more content? We weren’t sure, but today the Vikings and Poles arrived via IAP and it’s a happy day.

You don’t need me to tell you that Civ VI is a good game. Sure, it’s got its flaws (all versions of Civilization do, except maybe Civ II and Civ IV, and the latter only shook its flaws with the aid of expansions), but this is a full-fledged Civilization game on your iPad, and the port it phenomenal. Not only did Aspyr rewrite the UI to work on a touchscreen, but they took the time to code it so your iPad doesn’t turn into a hotplate while your battery drains faster than a vacuum toilet. And, somehow, they managed to get the AI to wrap up its turn in under 30 seconds even in the late game on large maps.

The only real issue is the iOS version of Civ VI is way behind its PC counterpart in terms of content. Firaxis has been pushing out seasonal major patches since launch and the iOS version was only up to Autumn of 2016 standards. The iPad version had a menu option for new content, but whether it would actually show up was questionable. After all, they were asking $30-$60 for the full game which is akin to double-murder to some on the App Store. Would enough folks buy the full game to make new content profitable? Apparently the answer is yes.

Today the Vikings and Poland expansion became available via IAP. Each will cost you $5, but another $10 into Civ is money well spent, in my opinion. What do you get for your money? First of all, the Viking expansion:

DLC: Viking Content

Three new natural wonders and six new city states, including two that grant new tile improvements.

Scenario: Vikings, Traders and Raiders!

As a viking king, can you amass the greatest wealth? Lasts 60 Turns.

Bring Europe under your rule as the mightiest Viking lord in this 60 turn scenario. Play as one of three unique Viking rulers from Denmark, Norway, or Sweden and pillage and raid your way through Europe. Launch a naval invasion of England, conquer Paris, or sail around Gibraltar and raid the Mediterranean Sea.

Back home, build a merchant empire as you accumulate trade routes with teh most profitable cities that you can. And if you find yourself following a religion, spread the good word and generate Faith for your people.

Got it? Okay, let’s look at the Poland expansion:

DLC: Poland Civilization Pack

New Civilization and Leader – Jadwiga of Poland.

Scenario: Jadwiga’s Legacy

Fight alongside two other players to defend Poland from foreign invasions.

In this 60 turn scenario, you stand at the crossroads of Europe, protecting the fertile Polish homelands from a constant barraging of invaders from all directions. Rally your Winged Hussars and face off against Teutonic Knights and Ottoman Turks as you grow your civilization.

The player with the best empire by standard scoring at the end of the game is the winner.

So, there you have it. Even if neither of these excite you, there’s also a free IAP called the Multiplayer Compatibility Pack which will let you play in multiplayer games even if you don’t own the IAP yourself. Multiplayer currently only supports Local Network and Hotseat play, but maybe this is paving the way for a future update with actual online multiplayer? We’ll see. The main takeaway, however, is that Aspyr appears to be standing behind this experiment and, perhaps, our lowly iPad version will one day catch up to its Steam-y cousin.

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  1. More content for a great game is never a bad thing! I’ll go ahead and be that guy that says he price is a little high for me, at least for an impulse buy, but it is nice to know I can add to my experience once I’ve played the base game a whole lot more.

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