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Forest of Shadows arrives in One Deck Dungeon

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One thing I look forward to every year is a Jeremy Handel sighting at Gen Con. He’s incredibly hard to find, but when you do you won’t be disappointed because he’ll be dressed as someone else. Sure, there’s a lot of cosplay at Gen Con, but not many people cosplay as characters from Sentinels of the Multiverse. This year, my son and I ended up getting sick on Saturday and our time in the convention center was nil from Saturday morning on, so I didn’t get a chance to find Jeremy this year [for the record, we did meet up with Jean-Marc Giffin of Handelabra who was affable as always -ed.], but I did get a chance to play a ton of his latest game, One Deck Dungeon. That’s because Handelabra released the major expansion, Forest of Shadows, the Wednesday night before the Con opened.

Forest of Shadows is a stand-alone expansion for One Deck Dungeon, basically turning it into Two Deck Dungeon. It includes just as many heroes, dungeons, and cards as the first game allowing you to mix and match (or just play with new cards) as you see fit. In other words, this expansion doubles the amount of content in the game and, therefore, costs just as much as the base game itself.

This expansion includes 5 bold new heroes:

  • Alchemist – Her mastery of potions and poisons is second to none.
  • Druid – The forest itself bows to her will, guarding her from attacks of beasts and monsters alike.
  • Hunter – Speed is her mantra and the name of her game.
  • Slayer – A lethal blade dancer who twists and weaves through foes with cutthroat instinct.
  • Warden – The self-appointed guardian of all things green.

Along with 5 dangerous new dungeons:

  • Lair of Indrax – You may have defeated other dragons, but Indrax is another story!
  • The Mudlands – Prepare for a long, grimy journey to face the evil Mud Golem.
  • Realm of Venom – Whatever you do, don’t touch anything in here.
  • Smoldering Ruins – The Fire Giant protects his realm with oppressive heat and fire from the sky.
  • The Vile Roots – In this place, the very trees seek to corrupt your soul. Be brave, heroes!

The expansion also adds a new poison mechanism as well as new potions, skills, and progression paths. If you’ve grown tired of seeing that damn blob monster every time you go through the deck, this expansion will definitely mix things up enough that you won’t constantly see the same challenges from game to game, which makes One Deck Dungeon even better.

The expansion is available on for all platforms and will run you $10.


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