Steaming the Unfriendly Skies

In case you haven’t heard, Sunless Skies, the sequel to Failbetter Games’ indie hit Sunless Sea, has set course for release on January 31st, the year of her Majesty below 2019. The pitch is “Sail the skies. Betray your Queen. Murder a sun.” Works for me, I’ve wanted to murder a sun ever since I met the !@%$!?! Dawn Machine (falling as it does only behind red honey on my list of things that are actually terrible in Sunless Sea, and that only because the red honey smuggling subplot involves such an intensely personal corruption). I’ve been in on the Sunless Skies alpha and it’s been amazing, watching the world grow from a frustratingly sparse but conceptually fascinating single zone of space to a deep, dark, place, full of wonder and terror, worthy successor to the strange glories of Sunless Sea.

But that’s not all! Along with the release date, Failbetter is giving away a tabletop RPG called Skyfarer, a 21-page amuse-bouche of a game, set aboard one of the steam-driven locomotives that ply the fog and dust of an outer space unlike any other. Dare I hope that this is a hint, a test, a tease of a larger RPG set in London Below Fallen London itself? Perhaps to be announced soon? I’d buy that just to read the lore… there’s no need to compromise the deepest secrets of and future plans for the game, Fallen London is large, it contains multitudes, it is quite capable of containing multitudes.

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