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Meteorfall gets demonic

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Tinder-esque role-playing roguelike, Meteorfall, landed on the App Store back in January like a…um…hmm, something falling from the sky? Can’t think of a good metaphor. It will come to me at some point, I’m sure. Since its release it’s been the recipient of several updates including the massive (and free) Necrodude update which added a new hero, the titular Necrodude. Yesterday another update crashed into Meteorfall like a…jeez, I really just can’t think of anything. Anyway, it’s called the Demon Update and the changes it makes to the game are on the hefty side.

The biggest addition, I think, in this latest update is the new “Demon Mode”, which is a new level of difficulty that unlocks new challenges when (or, in my case, if) you beat the big bad, aka the Uberlich. It also adds five new demonic enemies, two new quests, and 18 new cards to add to your deck. On top of all the new stuff, there’s also a bevy of balance improvements and bug fixes that are too numerous to mention. Ok, I’ll mention them, but it will be a cut/paste job:

– Added Demon Mode difficulty! Unlock a set of progressively more difficult challenges by defeating the Uberlich (The first level should unlock automatically if you’ve beaten the Uberlich and have the achievement for winning with that character)
– 5 new demonic enemies: Cococat, Lutenica, Salamandrah, Chickenburn, Alcodemon
– 2 new quests: The Mischievous Spider and Krumit the Frail
– 18 new cards: Char, Scorch, Dispel, Mage Hunter, Devour Magic, Dig Treasure, Warmblooded, Skull Bash, Swig o’ Grog, Bull Horns, Trident, Defensive Stance, Artifact Collector, Mining Pick, Shades, Shake it Off, Kick, Puppet Master

– ‘Gold’ encounter removed
– ‘Treasure’ encounter now shows 3 cards (instead of 2), and also gives 5 coins
– ‘Shop’ encounter has 50% chance (per card) of displaying a card of a higher level than you would normally see on that floor (max is still level 3)
– Level up: when adding a card to your deck, one choice is guaranteed to be a card of a type that is already in your deck, and the other is guaranteed to be a card of a type that is NOT in your deck
– SHADOWBURN AND SHADOW PACT: Now add ‘Forsaken’ to the target, which prevents the next source of healing from having any effect
– REJUVENATE: Added stamina regeneration; now reads “Shuffle 3 ‘Blessing’ cards into your deck that give 1 action, 3 stamina, and heal for 2 when drawn”
– PICKPOCKET: Now reads “Deal 3 damage. Steal an item or buff (up to level 1) from your opponent”;”
– RAVAGE: Now reads “Deal 3 damage. If opponent is bleeding or poisoned, deal an additional 3 damage and gain 1 action”
– VAGABOND BOOTS: At level 2 or higher, now adds improved stamina recovery when skipping a card
– STAB: Now adds Poison at level 2 or higher
– BOAST: Now reads “Deal 4 damage. Increase the damage dealt by this card by 1 each time your play it (resets at end of battle)”
– BLOCK: Now reads “Block the next 3 damage you receive and gain 1 action”
– SUMMON WRAITH: Wraith damage reduced- BOAST: Now reads “Deal 4 damage. Increase the damage dealt by this card by 2 for each other Boast played in this battle (resets at end of battle)”
– SHADOW PACT: Damage taken when drawn with no charges is reduced
– SPIDER BITE: Now reads “Inflict Poison (1) and reduce enemy stamina by 1. Gain 1 action”
– BATTLE STANCE: Now reads “When you play this card, deal 3 damage + 3 for each time you skipped it this battle. Skipping this card also adds 2 armor.”;
– Most enemies adjusted to reduce average card level (broad, small nerf to basic non-boss enemies)
– Events “People’s Champion” and “Village of Miracles” now scale with current location ‘depth’

– BRUNO: Added 1x Battle Stance to starting deck, -1x Attack

– BRAMBLE’S FORTITUDE: Fixed issue where Bramble’s Fortitude to recover too much stamina
– MAGIC DANCE: Fixed bug where it wasn’t recovering the right number of charges
– DISINTEGRATE: Fixed bug where Disintegrate wasn’t affected by Staff
– Fixed a bug where some cards showed prices to upgrade, even though they were not upgradable
– Fixed a bug where new cards were always added to the bottom of the player’s deck
– Various minor bug fixes

As has been the Slothwerks’ M.O., all of this can be yours for the low, low price of absolutely nothing. If you own Meteorfall, you own all these additions. All you need to do is update the app and go to town. Considering that the dev spent about 5 months coding, balancing, and debugging the update, I’d say that’s awfully nice of them to just give it away for nothing. Almost makes you want to re-purchase the base game just to let them know you appreciate it. Or, better yet, if you haven’t bought Meteorfall, give it a go. Yes, I’m talking to you.

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Notable Replies

  1. Just beat the game again with Rose, didn’t trigger the new mode (although I did see the new cards and events). Is it because iOS does not have achievements?

  2. You should see the new mode as an option the next time you start a run with that character …

  3. That’s what this was.

  4. Then I have absolutely no idea … guess I’d contact the dev.

  5. I booted it back up again and now the little cap thing populated for Rose. So I guess you just have to beat them all again and that unlocks the ability to go back and play yet again with the new mode. A bit of a pain, but can’t look a gift update in the mouth.

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