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Gorgeous action-RPG, Grimvalor, set to debut on iOS October 10th

iOS Universal •

It’s not often that a game trailer arrives and tricks me the way Grimvalor‘s has. I saw the trailer yesterday on Twitter and immediately wondered if this PC game would be making it to Mac and/or mobile so I’d be able to play it. Little did I realize that, no, it’s not for PC or Mac at all. This is an iOS-only game that looks like it stepped right off the bus to Console-ville. Of course, pretty graphics do not a great game make, so let’s take a look what makes the whole thing tick.

Grimvalor is an action-RPG that looks a bit like it comes from the Dark Souls, rather than Diablo, side of the tracks. You control a warrior who’s on a mission to kill as many things that move by doing special moves, combos, dodges, and all those other twitch-gameplay things that are already making my fingers ache. There’s actually a story here, but chopping things up with your sword seems to be the main method of conflict-resolution.

Grimvalor is coming to iOS Universal on October 10 and will be a premium title with no IAP or monetization hijinks to be found. Even better, it’s currently available for pre-order for 30% off the selling price. That means you can pick up the whole shebang for $5 if you pick it up before the 10th rolls around. Looks like it might be time to finally pick up one of those MFi controllers.

Give the trailer below a gander if you haven’t seen Grimvalor in action yet. I think you’ll be in the market for a controller as well.

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