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Color of Madness coming to Darkest Dungeon on all platforms on October 11

iPad, Switch, Xbox, PC/Mac/Linux •

I know Darkest Dungeon has both its fans and critics around these parts (I’m steadfastly in the “fan” category), but even the haters can’t deny that the more big-name PC ports we get on iPad, the better. The downside of not being the game’s primary platform, however, comes with the slow pace of getting new content. We’re all still waiting for Aspyr to release the Rise & Fall expansion for Civ VI on iPad, for example. The latest DLC for Darkest Dungeon, the Color of Madness, was unleashed on Steam back in June but those of us who play on our iPads or Switches were left in the lurch, waiting for any news of its appearance on our platform of choice. Today, that news finally broke. The Color of Madness will be coming to all platforms–iPad, console, Switch–on October 11.

The Color of Madness adds the story of a mysterious meteorite fallen to earth that, of course, mucks things up in the most Lovecraftian way possible. It adds a new region, the Farmstead, as well as a bunch of new farmer-monsters that are, I’m sure, only 1/3 as scary as the X-Files’ Peacock family.

Some hateful shard of alien origin has streaked through the night sky, crashing into the old Miller’s farm on the outskirts of the Hamlet! Those unfortunate enough to witness the Comet’s arrival have been blinded by what they can only describe as a shifting, ephemeral hue of damnably abrasive intensity. There has been no word from the farm in a fortnight, save for the unearthly groaning that echoes from the ruin of the mill…

  • New region: The Farmstead!
  • Endless Quest: Survive as long as you can while getting lost in time and space, confronted by unending waves of enemies new and old, pushing ever closer to the crash site of the Comet.
  • Twisted new trinkets, available for purchase from the Jeweler. Put your gold away—he trades only in Comet Shards!
  • All-New Enemy Faction: The Miller and his loyal workmen have become eerie husks of their former selves.
  • 3 new bosses – The Miller, The Thing From the Stars, and the Comet itself!
  • New Curios help keep your party in fighting shape as you face the endless hordes!
  • Expand your Hamlet with 4 new District buildings and reap their benefits.
  • New Quirks, with unique and powerful effects!
  • Our biggest soundtrack addition yet from Stuart Chatwood

Apart from the new expansion content, Red Hook Studios is also throwing in a new hero for FREE, the Musketeer. They’re also throwing in the huge balance update that was uploaded to Steam back in June.

The Color of Madness (and other content) is coming to iPad, Switch, and Xbox One on October 11th via a $5 IAP. If you already bought one of the “bundles”, you’ll have to purchase the new content separately, but if you haven’t yet delved into Darkest Dungeon, you should be able to buy a bundle including all DLC (even Color of Madness) on Switch and Xbox after the 11th.

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Notable Replies

  1. Ok, I’ve said repeatedly that I need to give this game the time it is due. I housesit for my parents in a week and will bring this along.

  2. athros says:

    Oooooo. Looks like I need to put my current run to bed and wait for this!

  3. I’ve only just bought the CoM DLC and quite frankly after 2.5 party wipes, it was more relaxing to hack out the Farmstead than the God damn Weald again, or worse yet, my fishy kryptonite, the Cove.

    The fresh recruits coming off the stagecoach are just woeful, an Arbalest with two negative ACC quirks for instance. About half my current roster is Vestals because I’m so short on money that I don’t have the spare to learn heals for the other classes. One of the TPKs was my fault, I stuck something where I shouldn’t have stuck something and got righteously drubbed, and it was my top flight party, too. Now I’m scraping around trying to bring people up, while my remaining top ranks are turning up their noses at the easier expeditions.


    This cheered me up, though. Comments are gold.

  4. As I’ve said many times, I’ve needed to give this game the time it deserves and I’m finally getting around to it; it is a bit soul-crushing. I’m still near the beginning of the game, but all my runs end with me praying that I don’t have yet another death blow or heart attack. Guild of Dungeoneering this ain’t.

  5. Oh fuck my luck.

  6. athros says:

    Yeeeaaahhh. Hosed. All that stress on top of that…if any make it I’d be looking them over to determine whether I’m keeping them or not.

  7. And I’m still finding new team names.

  8. athros says:

    Upgrade that Stagecoach. You need fresh bodies. Level 3 as fast as you can. Then, you’re looking for a good Antiquarian or 3. Evaluate everyone - 2 negative quirks? They’re a burner - send them in to die or be dismissed. Too much gold and time to salvage them.You’ll start building up teams - as soon as you get attached, they all die. You have to be ruthless.

    Always read the mission. Learn how to scout. For the love of god buy the food.

  9. Time for this absolute shit magnet to go the journey.

  10. athros says:

    I…oh…wow…be sure you hate the others you send with him, because all of that might drag a whole team into insanity.

  11. Yeah he’s gone.

    On my way to do a boss and the Collector turns up. I killed him but had to abort. Just shit into my lungs, game.

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