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What the hell is happening at Stately Play? We’ve got answers. Somewhat.

I’m hoping at least a few of you noticed that it’s been a bit since a new post has gone up. There are many reasons why including a dearth of newsworthy output from the App Store, the usual New Year lull of new games in general, and a soul crushing malaise brought about by lifelong mental illness. If any of that sounds like a story you want to hear, jump past the break. Otherwise–and I completely understand–wait with us until tomorrow when we’ll have some proper news regarding a February board game release that I think everyone here will be happy to see.

There’s a long story that, maybe, I’ll tell someday about a kid too scared to sleep, alcoholism, and more shrinks than a Wayne Szalinski movie marathon.

That’s for another day. What you need to know about now is things aren’t great. Due to family issues, the holidays hit hard forcing a lengthy stay in my Mind Cave, attempting to ignore the world. Unfortunately, the Mind Cave has yet to be equipped with WiFi, so updating Stately Play wasn’t in the cards. In fact, while I’ve re-entered society, I’m still not hitting over the Mendoza line and, as such, have been having problems even logging in to read the forums.

So, I’m behind. Luckily, there hasn’t been a ton of news to talk about these last couple weeks, but I never did get around to the Readers’ GOTY poll. I still plan on doing it, but I needed to get to a better place before I could even attempt it. Look for that later this week. Maybe even tomorrow if I can get my shit together quicker than usual.

Sorry that we’ve been gone for so long. I promise I’ll get some news up tomorrow (as mentioned, some juicy tidbits that were embargoed until the 8th). I’d love to say it won’t happen again, but that’s not how it works. All I can promise is that we’ll keep it to a minimum.

Happy New Year, everyone. It feels good to write something again [even though it’s whiny drivel? -ed.].

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Notable Replies

  1. Your health, whether mental or physical, certainly takes priority over keeping us entertained. Take care of yourself; I think we’re a patient bunch.

    Besides, we’ve had @OhBollox’s tales of airplane crashes to keep us happy…

  2. Look after yourself mate. That’s the important thing.

  3. js619 says:

    Always here for you, inasmuch as being across the country can help…

  4. Jules says:

    Take care !

  5. For sure, I expect everyone here understands that life comes first in priority, take care of yourself! :+1:

  6. Also my confession time: I’ve had to stop my patronisering just for this month because Patreon no longer allow one to pause for a month; I’m moving house after just moving jobs, but I will be back to shoveling money into your wallets next month.

  7. You are very much not alone Dave. I’m echoing the others in cheering for you and wishing that you take care of yourself first! Forget any old self-imposed assignments from 2018 and do what inspires you in 2019!

  8. As somebody who goes through things not even close to the level that you do, and still has problems with posting, I am totally with everybody else in that you have to take care of yourself first.

    Besides, I support you through Patreon not just for the blog itself, but for the forum. Since that’s here whether or not you are posting, I still feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

    Take heart, Dave. you are not alone.

  9. I’m was just assuming there was no news. I mean if Scythe went to mobile you’d tell us.

    Be well

  10. Apex says:


    No worries. Take care of yourself. We’ll still be here wen you get back.

  11. Feygor says:

    take care of yourself and all the best for 2019. Take your time and thanks for all.

  12. We’re with you, mate. Terribly sorry to hear that, but I know for a fact it will get better. Take care of yourself.

  13. Crow says:

    Take the time you need sir, we all hope you get to that better place and things improve for you. The most important thing is you look after yourself.

  14. Take care of yourself, man. We all know your health is the most important thing.

  15. Dave …

    It is an excellent sign thing that you are able to post about how you feel and its effect on you. You make SP be a place with real people who do not fool themselves or pretend to be other than they are.

    Knowing what is best for oneself and then doing it is a tricky old thing. So … take your time. As the posts above show, we appreciate what you do when you do it … it would never be the same if it was forced. But you know that. Onwards!

  16. Natus says:


    it’s a real act of courage for you to write what you did, especially in such an open and honest manner. I will join the others in wishing you the very best and more content from you as things improve. And if you need to post more about this, we are all sympathetic ears.

  17. I hate the mind cave, so feel ya. If I did not go to my therapist every Monday morning to download the nonsense that fills my head, I would be drunk 24/7. be well

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