Death is my middle name...and last name...and, when playing this, my first name

Yes, there’s a game called DUNKYPUNG and it’s on the App Store

If you only look at the screenshots or trailer you might think that DUNKYPUNG isn’t something we’d normally cover at Stately Play. You’d be right. That said, the developer of DUNKYPUNG is Nathan Meunier, a chap we’ve met before when he released the rather wonderful Missile Cards. You don’t make a game like Missile Cards without a load of game-crafting creativity, so we’re happy to take a look at whatever Nathan drops on the App Store, even if it looks like it might make me mad enough to throw my phone into a wood chipper.

Let’s get this out of the way: DUNKYPUNG is hard. Incredibly hard. Now, it might just be my elderly reflexes, but I think even you quick fingered whippersnappers are going to have troubles with this one. You play a ball whose only job is to bounce about and don’t come in contact with the blades, spikes, knives, spears, darts, and whatever other sharp, pointy things that appear all over the goddamned screen.

It’s brutal.

DUNKYPUNG is a deadly cute brutal bouncing action game coming to iOS and Steam in January 2019. Bounce your way through EXTREMELY CHALLENGING, ever-shifting arenas filled with spinning saws, spring-loaded spikes, flames, and other super not friendly hazards!


DEATH. So much death.
DEATH HUGS. Brush close to deadly things without dying to boost your score.
DEADLY BOSSES. Be annihilated over and over again, but love it!
ME SAYING “DEATH.” Like. A lot. I recorded 40+ different death voices.
CASUAL MODE. For people who are weak. [Should have called it “Dave mode” -ed.]

Sure, it’s not our normal fare, but it’s a premium game from a dev that knows how to make good games. That’s something I can get behind for $3 even if I do end up throwing my phone into that wood chipper…

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Notable Replies

  1. Not my style game at all, but I have no problem at all giving a premium game made by a creative developer an hornorary Stately nod.

  2. I just really like typing DUNKYPUNG

  3. You are more talented than I, then. I still can’t even read it correctly, let alone type it. I keep seeing Donkey Pong…

  4. Wait…you mean? Holy shit, it’s NOT donkey pong?

  5. Sometimes my Android devices annoy me. Not often. But sometimes. It’s one of those times.

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