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Fantasy deck-builder, Legendary DXP, is set to arrive next week

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A few years ago, Upper Deck leaped onto the board game scene with a deck-builder set in the Marvel universe. It was called Legendary, and since then has taken on so many different IPs that it’s nearly impossible to name them all. Luckily, we don’t have to name them because the digital version of Legendary is right around the corner and instead of using one of the existing IPs, the digital version will have a new fantasy theme tacked on. Considering how much everyone seems to love Marvel everything, I might be the only person on Earth excited by this change of scenery.

As popular as the Legendary card game is, I’ve never touched it. Nothing against Upper Deck, but I’m not a huge fan of pure deck-building titles. I prefer my deck-building as a secondary (or even tertiary) mechanism, rather than “building a deck” being the main focus. I’m not a huge fan of Dominion or Ascension, but give me some Mage Knight or A Study in Emerald, and I’ll play all day. I dislike deck-builders a lot less when they’re on my iPad, however, where games are short and fast and you’re not shuffling every other minute. So, I’m looking forward to getting trying Legendary when it releases next Thursday, August 17. Until then, I’m going to have to copy/paste blurbs:

…the game is set in the fantastical world of Alamyth, where players recruit legendary heroes and fight terrifying forces of evil. Players journey through the Firelands and other mythical worlds to fight the likes of Leprechaun Henchmen and dangerous evil villains. While players fight to the end collecting victory points for the win, the Mastermind ‘Terriskai: Terror of The Skies’ is scheming to complete his evil plan to defeat the entire group of players for the ultimate victory.

The Legendary DXP digital game allows users to customize their gaming experience like never before. Players will now be able to select any one of five completely different match types: Solo play (play vs A.I.), VS Friends (play against your friends), Quick Match (randomly puts players together), Custom Match (allows users to configure matches) and The Gauntlet (allows for ongoing 5 player tournaments). In addition to having a chance to win exclusive in-game rewards through tournaments and weekly leagues in The Gauntlet, Legendary DXP will also offer players a wide variety of cosmetic enhancements via microtransactions.

That last bit answers a lot of questions. There will be IAP, but we’re talking about skins and whatnot instead of buying the best gear or cards or whatever. Like I said, I haven’t played the game. While I can’t find info about pricing on the Upper Deck or Legendary Twitter, TouchArcade is reporting that the game will be free to download with an IAP to unlock the full game. During Gen Con (Aug 17-20) the price to unlock will be $2, and it will jump to $5 when the con is over.

Legendary DXP (still not sure what the DXP stands for…digital experience?) will be released for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac. I will be at Gen Con next week, so I’ll see if I can get more info on Legendary while I’m there.

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Notable Replies

  1. I really enjoy both the Marvel and the Alien versions of this game and would gladly have paid a premium price for those IPs.

    I'm pretty disappointed with the regression to a generic fantasy theme, but if TA's prices are correct, I'll gladly nab it for $2 because that's a steal.

    Marvel or no, the best part about this app is that I no longer have to spend 15 minutes setting up the game then twice that putting it away.

  2. Don't mind Ascension on the iPad--kind of like it, actually--but playing it on the tabletop is a chore.

  3. Since we are all bashing the game (and deservedly so at this point). I'll throw out a positive:

    The art is good enough that I quickly forgot about the missing Marvel IP.

    The game definitely has potential. Gameplay is currently excruciating and I despise the business model, but I'll probably check in with every major update because when the game functions as it should it could be fun.

  4. I know it's my job to check these things out, but I'm not touching this donkey with a 30' pole.

  5. Welcome to my world, brother! I'm convinced neglected board games weep.

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