So little info, I had to steal this image from the 7 Wonders companion app

Watch the skies for locust, 7 Wonders is actually coming

iOS, Android •

Few titles have had the long and drawn out development of 7 Wonders. We’ve been told it will be released in the next few months, but that was back in 2013. We’ve been informed that betas were starting, then ending, then starting again. It was the mobile version of Duke Nukem Forever. That’s all coming to an end next week because, hold on to your hats, 7 Wonders is coming to the App Store next Tuesday.

This info comes from an email sent to beta testers for the latest TestFlight version:

November 14th is the official release date of the application in the Apple Store. The Android version will be available December 20.

This last version is the realisation of long months of work, of testing, of listening to your feedbacks and we hope it will fulfil your expectations.

With your collaboration, we ran more than 37 500 games during more than 5000 hours.

Due to the fact that we weren’t beta testers, we don’t know a lot more than that. Questions about asynchronous/synchronous multiplayer, iPhone compatibility, and more are lying unanswered at Repos’ Door. Actually, I just never thought this day would come, so I never bothered asking.

We’ll see what we can dig up about the app, but in less than a week we’ll have the full blown release on our iPads and can just see for ourselves.


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