WWII submarine sim, Silent Depth, dives onto the App Store

As the grandson of a WW2 submariner, the war under the waves has always held a special significance for me. As a fat dude with claustrophobia, actually being in a submarine is the most terrifying thing I can imagine. I even get uneasy touring the U-505 in Chicago or the USS Cobia in Manitowoc, WI, and they’re just sitting there. I’m a wimp.

Lucky for me, there have always been pretty decent sub simulations for PC with the Silent Hunter series and way too many others to mention. This week ushered in a new sub simulation called Silent Depth, and this one we can play on our iPads.

Silent Depth puts you in command of a Gato/Balao class submarine in the Pacific during World War 2 with the usual mission of blowing up Japanese merchant ships without getting caught by those pesky destroyer escorts. For a tablet game, the list of features is fairly extensive:

* Real day/night cycles with realistic sun/moon/star settings and lighting
* Different weather conditions with changed visibility (including fog, rain)
* Realistic water
* A huge world: The whole Pacific!
* Realistic damage models, repair your submarine, prioritize your tasks dependent whether your submarine is surfaced or not
* Sink enemy ships with torpedoes or your deck gun
* More than 10 different ships to encounter like battleships, carriers, destroyers, cruisers, tankers, troop transporters, freighters, submarines
* Different kind of fleets, single targets, with and without escorts are being generated
* Three difficulty levels
* Different water quality settings depending on your hardware

Another bonus is that the game is completely IAP free. Pay $8 up front, and get everything it offers including any future updates and content. Silent Depth is available for iOS Universal and Android.

Hat tip: TouchArcade

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  1. js619 says:

    Was following the dev’s updates on the Other Site with interest. Any chance of a review? I have Crash Dive on my iPad and have never really had the opportunity to give it its full due.

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