Sorry, grandma. You have to wait like the rest of us.

Asmodee pushes Mysterium and Potion Explosion into 2017

Just to add more fuel to the dumpster fire that is 2016, Asmodee just let us know that their two December releases, Mysterium and Potion Explosion, are no longer December releases. Instead, they’re pushing them into next year.


Following on the heels of a Colt Express release that saw a lot of grumbling about a terrible AI and even worse multiplayer, Asmodee has decided to put more effort into getting those systems working properly in their future releases. As such, they’ve pulled both back onto the workbench and will tinker until you can actually get multiplayer games working.

As for Colt Express, they’re well aware of the multiplayer issues and should be issuing an update next week that fixes online matchmaking. We’ll let you know when that hits the App Store. To make up for it, Colt Express is now on sale. Pick it up now for cheap and get the free update next week.

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  1. Worth the wait if it makes a better product.mlooking forward to these.

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