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Colt Express gets major update, multiplayer actually works

Kelsey took a look at Colt Express last week and thought it was a pretty great rendition of a board game with one huge flaw, the multiplayer system was broken. While online play existed, the ability to create or join games was enough of a mess to prevent him from playing even one multiplayer contest. It was bad enough that Asmodee decided to pull back their December releases to ensure that multiplayer hijinks wouldn’t be an issue going forward. Today, Asmodee took steps to correct what’s already out there and Colt Express has been updated to make multiplayer a little more palatable.

The fix landed last night and includes both a lobby which will allow you to browse and join open games. It also included private games so you can now create all new games and play with your friends (and only your friends).

So, will this fix all of Colt Express’ woes? Considering it was Kelsey’s only real beef with the game, possibly. Just in case, they added a bunch of bug fixes along the way as well, so the Colt Express you play today should be a different beast than what we had last week. You can check it out for iOS Universal, Android, and PC.

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Notable Replies

  1. Multiplayer woes averted?

    Do I smell a tournament brewing?

  2. rinelk says:

    I’m down.

    That is, down with that. Which means up for that. Because English hates us all.

  3. am i right that it’s still not async? guess so.

    i remember the last tournament try on a real-time game.
    it was Hearthstone, and it ended in total failure.
    time zone problems, real life timetables and such were too hard to overcome.
    just a word of warning. but who knows?

  4. rinelk says:

    I don’t think it’ll ever be asynch. Too much of the game is memory, with many small turns and lots of interactions. Perhaps, rather than a tournament, it might be better just to have an appointment for a game, and plan on having whoever’s interested hop on then.

  5. The game’s on sale for $3.99 again, so, if you’re like me and were waiting for the MP fix before buying, now seems like a good time.

  6. The game is async on Boardgame Arena, and I’m not a big fan of it just for that reason. The memory aspect goes away when it’s a day before your next turn.

    The only options are too much information by the game giving you the cards everybody played and too little information because it’s impossible to remember what everybody has already played.

  7. I agree. I found it difficult to remember what the other players were doing when I could see their plays. But the silliness of punching or shooting when no-one was there was not as fun as it would be in a face-to-face board game. I was disappointed that the game lacked pass-and-play multiplayer. I was hoping to play it with my son. Moving on to other games in my too large queue.

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