We call this spell "Old Faithful"

Duelyst set to sail stormy mobile CCG waters

Despite the recent death of SolForge, there’s still hope for mobile CCG fans who don’t want to go crawling back to Hearthstone. Duelyst has been around on PC/Mac for a bit now and it’s one of the few CCGs that can actually hold my interest. Lucky for us, it appears to be coming to mobile in Q1 of 2017.

Duelyst plays a lot like your standard 1-on-1 card battler with a twist. Cards summon creatures as in other CCGs, but here they turn into little figures on a board, ready for your command. Besides playing cards, you get to apply your tactical brain in maneuvering and attacking with your critters which adds another layer to standard CCG fare. Duelyst isn’t the first digital CCG to try this, but it’s the best one I’ve tried.

Duelyst is the brainchild of board game designer Eric Lang who has made some great board games (Blood Rage and XCOM: The Board Game come to mind) and some not-so-great games (I know some loved it, but I couldn’t stand Quarriors). He’s also designed many popular LCGs for Fantasy Flight, such as Star Wars and Warhammer: Invasion. In other words, he’s been around the block and it shows in Duelyst. It’s a polished and tight game system which is impressive considering it has six different factions and over 400 cards to mess with.

We’ll keep an eye out for the mobile release, but in the meantime you can play on PC/Mac via Steam right now. If you’re a CCG fan at all, I don’t think you’ll regret checking it out.

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