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New mini-boss incoming to Solitairica, bigger plans down the road

One of 2016’s better mobile titles was a little card battler from Righteous Hammer called Solitairica. Following in Card Crawl’s footsteps, it was a quick-playing, fast solitaire card game whose true genius was less in the game’s mechanisms and more in all the extra doodads you can unlock the better you play. Solitairica sported several different classes and special powers to unlock so, even if you failed to make it all the way to Castle Stuck, there were rewards right around the corner. The problem is, eventually, you ended up with all the doodads in your pocket with nothing left to quest for. Lucky for us, it looks like Righteous Hammer has big plans for 2017 and making Solitairica something to come back to.

I spoke with Clint Jorgenson of Righteous Hammer yesterday and he gave me the skinny. Well, as much as he was willing to spill, anyway. First of all, a new mini-boss is coming to Solitairica in February. The new enemy is the Mayor of Findlehooven, the wonderfully monikered Lord Guppington. He will be the third battle on the trail to Castle Stuck, and will play similar to the Emperor:

Lord Guppington, Mayor of Findlehooven.
Miniboss meaning the deck goes through a rotation like Emperor Stuck and not a shuffled deck like the others.
Lord Guppington, is an old crotchety dirt guppy kingpin, furious at you for entering his turf, and terrified of you raiding his vast treasury. The fight is about trying to grab as much gold as possible before he stashes it away.
The battle is designed to set up an early milestone in each journey to look forward to (how much extra gold can I get to get a leg up?)  Also he is no slouch, and will press a pretty respectable attack.

The early February update will also include balance changes for classes, spells, and items. It will also address the potential for stuns to be overpowered.

Because he’s a guppy. I think.

Clint admits it’s a smaller update, but they have a lot more in mind for 2017 including new modes and goals to make it attractive to play even after you’ve snatched all the loot.

Solitairica is available for iOS Universal, Android, PC, and Mac.

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  1. js619 says:

    Nice to see this one getting some support - I played the heck out of it and enjoyed it a lot, but as you said, once you’ve filled out every character there’s no real incentive to come back to it.

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