Magic, the game that takes itself so seriously, it's nearly impossible to write a funny caption.

WotC updates Magic Duels with Aether Revolt expansion

While I know some people can’t get enough of digital Magic: The Gathering, I can safely say that it’s not my cup of tea. Part of the issue is the gameplay of Magic in which you can interrupt your opponent’s turn, casting spells whenever you damn well please. I wish I could tell you that I prefer my turns to be clean and free of interference from others, but the truth is that I just can’t pay attention to both my cards AND what you’re doing. On the tabletop I can sit and ponder a bit, but in the digital word there are timers and hounding and screaming [I think the hounding and screaming might just be in Dave’s head -ed.] reminiscent of my freshman gym teacher when he learned I couldn’t do even one pullup.

For those of you who still love Magic on your tablet, Wizards of the Coast has a surprise for you.

Just released for Magic Duels is the latest expansion, Aether Revolt. This is the same set recently released for the cardboard version that you’ll see people playing at your FLGS on Friday night. I’d try to write a witty bit here regarding what’s included in the update but there are a few issues. First of all, I’m not all that witty and, secondly, I only have about 15 minutes to get this written before I have to play Super Dad at my kids’ school. This involves locating missing mittens and boots as kids leave them scattered across the playground. Yes, recess duty. Hooray. Anyway, I think that’s enough excuses for one cut/paste job, don’t you?

With the new Aether Revolt expansion, playing Magic with your friends has never been more fun!

Now including:
● 1,000+ unique, earnable Magic cards
● 55+ story-driven campaign missions
● NEW customizable card sleeves and personas
● Play friends online in Battle Mode, or find a four-player Two-Headed Giant battle.

Various Bug Fixes:
● Fixed the issue where Aethertorch Renegade couldn’t target Planeswalkers with its second activated ability.
● Fixed a soft lock issue on iOS where cycling through available mana when casting Ghousteed
● Localization fix for the rules text of Aether Meltdown in non-English languages.
● Fixed an issue where players were unable to play spells or activate abilities if they had a high number of energy counters.
● Fixed some issues with achievements related to Rank and Versus wins unlocking at the wrong increments.
● Fixed an issue where Arlinn Kord would have an erroneous loyalty box when becoming a creature planeswalker.
● Fixed an issue where cards exiled by Bomat Courier had visible expansion symbols when zoomed in on.
● Fixed an error where Planeswalkers may display an incorrect loyalty value when going to the graveyard.
● Fixed an issue where the “Energize” quest didn’t award the correct amount of progress for spells that give multiple energy counters.
● Fixed a crash issue with Boonweaver Giant.

Magic Duels is available for iOS Universal, PC, and Xbox One.

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