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Pathfinder updates and puts Quest Mode on life support

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Pathfinder Adventures from Paizo and Obsidian was my top mobile game of 2016 and one that I still find myself playing more than most of the other games on my iPad. It’s always big news when Obsidian drops a new update for the game, if only to squash some of the still lingering bugs. Yesterday, the latest update was released for the game bringing some new features and fixes but, more importantly, it was accompanied by a blog post indicating that Quest Mode has an upcoming appointment with the headsman.

Let’s talk good news first. The latest update is and brings some Valentine’s Day themed shenanigans to the store while patching a few of the more notorious bugs:

New Alts

  • Two new alts are now available for purchase in the store!
    • Noble Valeros
      • Diplomacy increased to +3 (Base: +2)
    • Matchmaker Harsk
      • Diplomacy +1 added as a subskill

Four New Bundles!

  • Team Valeros ($4.99 USD)
    • Purchase the Noble Valeros Alt, the unique Ornate Longsword promo card, and 12 chests!
  • Upgraded Team Valeros ($9.99 USD)
    • Purchase Noble Valeros, the unique Charming Longsword and 24 chests!
  • Team Harsk ($4.99 USD)
    • Purchase Matchmaker Harsk, the unique Ornate Heavy Crossbow, and 12 chests!
  • Upgraded Team Harsk ($9.99 USD)
    • Purchase Matchmaker Harsk, the unique Heavy Crossbow of Affection, and 24 chests!!

Discounted Adventure Decks!

  • ​Burnt Offerings 90% OFF!
  • The Skinsaw Murders 85% OFF!



  • Invoke: Is no longer incorrectly banished when played off turn by a character with the Divine skill.
  • Spellward Shield: No longer incorrectly reduces all damage when revealed


  • Lem’s upgraded Bardic Performance will no longer incorrectly remove bonuses to checks if cancelled before recharging a card.
  • Sajan’s Painted Alt will now properly add his bonus when closing the Apothecary


  • Death Zone: Now correctly applies its power when performing the closing check

Nothing earth shattering, and definitely not the next adventure path, Skull & Shackles. Still, it’s better than what we found on the Obsidian blog.

The blog basically calls out Quest Mode as the bastard step-child that’s not getting any attention in favor of it’s more attractive siblings: more content and fixes. Rather than let it sit neglected in the corner, they’ve decided to put Quest Mode out of its misery and axe it whenever the update releases. Will it return? Possibly, they say.

All is not lost. If you play Quest Mode between now and the update drop, you can earn some in-game goodies:

  • 125 Gold per level of the highest Quest Mode character. That’s 5000 Gold for a level 40.
  • 1000 Gold Bonus for a level 40.
  • A new set of dice, ” Pearlescent Dice of Service”
  • The legendary card “Elemental Body”

Chests, depending on what level your highest Quest Mode character is:

  • Level 1 – 10
    • 2 Chest
  • Level 11 – 20
    • 4 Chests
  • Level 21 – 30
    • 6 Chests
  • Level 31 – 39
    • 8 Chests
  • Level 40
    • 10 Chests

The patch is due in late February/early March, so you still have a couple weeks to get some Quest time in.


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