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Holy Sectopods, XCOM: Enemy Within is only $3

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One of the best games to land on our PCs in the last ten years became one of the best games ever ported over to an iPad back in 2013 when XCOM: Enemy Unknown arrived on the App Store in all its tense, heart-breaking glory. In 2014 it was superseded by XCOM: Enemy Within which added more stuff and a new way to ratchet up the tension by placing a pseudo-timer on each mission in the form of Meld.

If you haven’t picked up XCOM: Enemy Within for mobile, first of all, shame on you. Secondly, go pick it up now; it’s only three frickin’ bucks.

XCOM: Enemy Within is the king of tactical, squad-based shooters letting you build and advance a team of soldiers against a world-wide alien invasion. It’s a game that will have you cursing at a die roll as you miss on a shot with 90% chance to hit, yelping as you down that Chryssalid right before it tears your sniper to shreds, and sobbing as your favorite solider goes to the great barracks in the sky leaving you stuck with a rookie Heavy on an upcoming critical mission. All of this can happen in a 15 minute span, and it’s pretty great.

The iPad port is the full PC title minus some of the textures and maps, meaning that you’ll see some of the same battlefields over and over. It doesn’t matter. The baddies will be different and you can’t go in thinking you’ll try the exact same thing each time or you’ll be flying home with an empty Skyranger. Getting it for $3 is as close to shoplifting as you’ll find on the App Store.

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  1. js619 says:

    Truly one of the best iOS games, if not best overall. I still have Enemy Within on my iPad, although it doesn’t get the due it deserves. It lived on my phone for a while too, until space constraints became overwhelming…

  2. Have the Steam version, but this is one of the few games worth buying on both mobile and PC.

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