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Think of the trees: digital version of Terra Mystica only weeks away

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If you’ve played the physical version of Terra Mystica, you’re aware that the game comes complete with enough chunky wooden pieces to heat a small home through an extremely bitter winter. Every building you can plop on the board is made of wood with the small individual houses all the way up to massive strongholds and temples. That’s just the wood, there’s also about 30 pounds of cardboard in the box to account for the 14 different factions, each one playing completely differently than the others. Each time a copy is purchased, there’s a copse in Germany that sheds a tear.

Lucky for Gaea, there’s a digital version on the way and it’s coming sooner than we thought.

Terra Mystica has been a staple of the BGG top 10 almost since it was launched back in 2012, and for good reason. It’s a deep game with way more strategic and tactical depth than you’d guess when you’re playing a faction like Mermaids or Halflings. The board is made of 7 different terrain types with different factions only able to build on their favorite one. Luckily, each faction can terraform the land and convert tiles that are inhabitable to them into Home Sweet Home.

The digital version is being developed by DIGIDICED, the devs behind the two players titles Agricola All Creatures Big and Small, Patchwork, and Le Havre: The Inland Port. This is their first “heavy” euro and the first that can play with up to five players. They recently announced the following:

Hello, all fans of Terra Mystica! We are hard at work with the upcoming release in a few weeks. The game is fully playable now and the computer is already playing games against itself and all the while learning to outsmart us.

Almost all background music and sounds are done and the artwork is coming together nicely. The game is leaving alpha soon and we are confident you will love playing it.

If that’s too long for you to parse the big takeaway is the upcoming release is only a few weeks away. Their site indicates that not only will the original game be available, but the Fire & Ice Expansion will be there as well.

DIGIDICED’s previous games were released for iOS, Android, as well as PC/Mac. We have no confirmation that Terra Mystica will be released on the same platforms, but I would expect it to be the case.

Hat tip: Jonathan Schaer

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Notable Replies

  1. Thats great news. Digidiced have been putting out solid adaptations

  2. The board game gives me a headache.

    Will love cutting my teeth on the digital version, though.

  3. Exhibit A for a board game I would never buy … but a digital game I’ll buy on the first day.

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