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Barbarian Invasion expansion for Rome: Total War coming to iPad

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Rome: Total War arrived on iPad way back in November with much fanfare. Here was a massive PC experience–albeit a 12 year-old PC experience–on a touchscreen device you could play on the couch. It had everything the PC version had including the thousands of little fake people killing each other left and right. More importantly, they managed to create a UI for touchscreens that actually worked.

One of the big questions when it was released revolved around the expansions. Would they be included or come later? At the time, Feral Interactive was mum on the subject, but today they announced that the first expansion, Barbarian Invasion, will be coming to iPad.

Barbarian Invasion was the first expansion for the PC version and was released for that platform way back in 2005. It takes place in the waning days of the Roman Empire and allows you to play as both the Romans or the titular barbarian hordes. There are 10 factions to play as, including eight barbarians. There is a campaign that stretches from AD363 to AD476 and, as always with the Total War titles, tons of new little people to send to slaughter.

Barbarian Invasion will not arrive as IAP in the Rome: Total War app, but will instead be released as a stand-alone product. It will be available for iPad on March 28. Of course, the original game is available right now at the link below.

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