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Handelabra adds Challenge Mode to Sentinels of the Multiverse

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Whenever a cooperative game is released, regardless of how impossible it is to win, it will only be a matter of days before some gamers start squawking about how easy the game is. There’s always folks claiming to have an 80% win rate on games that I have yet to sniff a victory, and I’m usually playing on the easiest difficulty level. Now, either I’m a terrible gamer or they’re lying. I fully admit to being terrible at everything, gaming included, but I like to think that those folks are lying through their teeth or, at least, playing the rules wrong. It can’t all be me, can it?

Case in point, I suck at Sentinels of the Multiverse. I’ve played a ton, and yet still fail miserably against just about every villain regardless of which team I’ve cobbled together. For those who find Sentinels too easy I have two things to say. First of all, I hate you, and, secondly, Handelabra somehow agrees with you and has given masochists the option to make SotM even harder via something called Challenge Mode.

Challenge Mode allows you to up the difficulty level of each villain by giving them special abilities which which they get to break the rules. It sounds horrifying.

So you think Sentinels is too easy? Now, each villain gets another “twist” to their rules, adding that extra delicious layer of strategy to spice up your Sentinels game. And for those who want add even more fire to the flames, Ultimate Mode allows you to play with both the rules from Advanced AND Challenge Mode at the same time. Grand Warlord Voss isn’t being cutesy anymore, oh no, he’s playing the top card of his deck every time he flips. Think you can show him a dose of justice? Or how about The Matriarch who has made all her domain cards indestructible? Or Spite, gaining an unlimited amount of HP? They dare you to try and stop their nefarious ploys!

There’s an in-game list of each villain’s challenge mode power, but you can also check them all out here.

Besides the new powers, they’ve also included new achievements associated with beating these upgraded baddies which is something I won’t ever have to worry about.

They’ve also added some new variants of heroes to unlock as well, which should help turn the tide back in the good guys’ favor. These are variants of heroes Unity, Bunker, and Absolute Zero and together they make up a new team, Termi-Nation.

  • Unity: Reconfigure – Destroy a Mechanical Golem, then shuffle it into your deck. Move a Mechanical Golem from your trash into play. You may draw a card.
  • Bunker: Modulize – Destroy 1 of your Ongoing or Equipment cards. If you do, draw a card, play a card, and use a power in any order.
  • Absolute Zero: Violent Shivers – Until the end of your next turn, increase all damage dealt to and by Absolute Zero by 2.

Challenge Mode is available in version 2.4 of SotM, so be sure to update and re-download your expansion packs to ensure that all the new content will be available.

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Notable Replies

  1. Agreed.

    I really like the game, and have tried to play some of the weekly one shots; the ones that are NOT advanced. Some I’ve done well and actually got an Excellent cover, but others have been brutal. Am I playing this for fun or to get smacked down hard?

    Seems to me to do well you need two systems. A defensive one to take/ deflect damage and an offensive one to deal out bonus damage. For most villains I don’t think you can absorb all the damage they deal without losing all your characters. So if you can get at least the defense setup you have a fighting chance. That’s all you really need to do. The game is now simple.:grinning: Go out and win.

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