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Boardnaut releases solitaire wargame, Constantinople

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Boardnaut Studios has quietly been translating quality print-and-play and small box tabletop games to digital for a bit now, titles like Maquis and Land 6. Their latest has just landed on the App Store, and it’s a port of another print-and-play game, Constantinople.

Constantinople is a solitaire wargame that won the first-ever Wargame Print-and-Play Contest last year over at BGG. It resembles the State of Siege system found in many solitaire games from Victory Point Games (including Dawn of the Zeds 3rd Edition, which I kind of love) but is a self-published title from designer Steve Ashing.

The game covers the history of the Byzantine Empire from AD330 to AD1453 and includes military and diplomatic means to keep your empire afloat.

Constantinople is a solitaire historical wargame covering the millennium-long history of the Byzantine empire, from the foundation of Constantinople in AD330 until its fall in AD1453. The player uses military might as well as diplomacy and outright bribery to keep the many opposing forces at bay for as long as possible. Can you outlive the historic Byzantine empire, or will your efforts be relegated to an obscure footnote in the history books?

Constantinople is not a highly detailed, historically accurate simulation of the history of the Byzantine Empire, but is historically based and gives a sense of the real situation of the Byzantine Empire throughout its existence, and provides some insights into the history surrounding Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire.

Boardnaut has released the game for both iOS and Android and it’s available for $3

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  1. Have yet to win, but I’ve been enjoying this today. Also loved Maquis.

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