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Rubicon opens beta signups for Epic Little War Game

iOS, Android, PC •

The original Great Little War Game made its way to our phones way back in 2011 and was one of the first must-have titles for strategy gamers. It was followed up by Great Big War Game and Great Little War Game 2, both of which were also strong entries for strategy gamers looking for anything with a some bite on their touchscreens. Announced back in 2014 was the next iteration of the series, Epic Little War Game, and nearly three years later Rubicon Development is announcing the beta is starting and they need help.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rubicon titles, basically it’s turn-based one-one-one battles with tons of different units and vehicles to craft your army. The strategy ramps up as your units take advantage of high terrain, chokepoints, and other wargame-y tactics that you wouldn’t expect in a somewhat goofy game featuring swarms of faceless drones.

The beta is starting on April 19th and you can find sign up information on the Rubicon blog. They’re looking for both iOS and Android testers, but the game should be coming out for PC via Steam at the same time. When might that be? The game is set to release on May 31st, so not too long to wait for the real deal.

Head over to their blog if you’re curious about the beta, otherwise, join me in waiting until the end of May to play the finished product.

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