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Carcassonne getting an Asmodee update

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Last week the somewhat surprising news broke that Asmodee and Obsidian had joined forces, and that Asmodee would now be publishing Pathfinder Adventures for PC and mobile. The Asmodee surprises keep coming with this week revealing that they’re tackling one of the most beloved digital games out there: Carcassonne.

Over the weekend this appeared on their Twitter feed:

Now, Carcassonne for iOS is one of the oldest and best boardgame ports on the App Store. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the Asmodee announcement calls only for Android/Steam testers. That’s because Coding Monkeys still own the rights for the iOS version, and those aren’t going anywhere.

The Android version of Carcassonne wasn’t a Coding Monkeys project and has lagged behind its iOS cousin in terms of content and polish. This looks like Asmodee has moved in and is going to right the ship, or at least try to right the ship. Let’s hope the new version of Carcassonne isn’t plagued with the multiplayer issues that seem to hold back Asmodee’s other digital titles.

If you’re an Android/PC user and want to play Carcassonne, head over and sign up for the beta. If you’re an iOS user, just sit back and relax and maybe play a little Carcassonne.


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