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Polytopia heading to the seas, and online

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Few games do what they set out to do as well as Battle of Polytopia. Create a 4X game with depth and strategy that plays in 20 minutes? We can do that. Part of that success comes with developer Midjiwan‘s constant tinkering. Their latest update is set to arrive on Thursday, and it will introduce a new clan to the mix.

This morning, this was found on their Twitter stream:

The new tribe are called the Aquarion, and they appear to be Atlantean in nature. Being from the bottom of the sea, they have no riders or knights, and instead will have two unique units: the Amphibian and the Tridention. They begin the game with the Aquatism technology, allowing them to build water temples right out of the gate and giving their units a huge defensive bonus in water tiles.

That’s not all Midjiwan has been working on. According to their blog, online multiplayer is currently in the works. Not a lot of detail, but they definitely mention that it’s being worked on. Online multiplayer will be a true game changer.

If you haven’t played Polytopia yet, what’s stopping you? Links below, and don’t fret about the free-to-play nature of the game. The only IAP available is more content in the forms of new tribes; there’s no in-game currency or grinding anywhere to be found.


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Notable Replies

  1. This is definitely good news. I finally got around to playing this game for the first time in the last couple of weeks. I’ve since bought all of the tribes and look forward to new ones. The game is a simple civilization game, but surprisingly addictive. I’m looking forward to playing with this new one on my new, faster iPad Pro 12.9 when it ships next week. (Not that it needs the faster speed. Plays great on my current “old” iPad Pro.)

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