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Race for the Galaxy updates, comes to PC on June 27

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If you asked me my pick for Game of the Year on May 2, I would have had a hard time narrowing it down. Let’s face it, 2017 has been a pretty great year for mobile apps with releases like Onirim, Card Thief, and Warlock of Firetop Mountain just to name a few. On May 3rd, however, Race for the Galaxy landed on the App Store and I can honestly say that I haven’t played another mobile title this much in a long, long time. It’s nearly perfect in just about every way and the few remaining issues are on Temple Gate‘s radar. In fact, they plan on having them all cleaned up on June 27.

June 27 is when the PC version of RftG will launch, and it will bring with it a host of updates, the likes of which fans have been hoping for since launch. The first major update is cross-linking of accounts across all platforms. Currently, you have a different ID for your tablet and phone, meaning I can start a game on my tablet but cannot play in that game on another device. No longer. Now you’ll be able to continue those multiplayer games on whatever device you have handy.

Also making multiplayer better will be the addition of timers in online games. As everyone I’m currently playing can attest, I’m the slowest damn player out there. My excuse is that I started all those games on my iPad and just don’t have my iPad with me very often. That’s mostly true, but I’m also a procrastinator and timers will force me to play or lose.

Another addition that will make gamers happy is the inclusion of stats. What stats? No idea! Hopefully it’s more than just wins/losses and can include some information about what expansions/variants are included. Maybe even include which Home World you started with? Maybe! We just don’t know at this point, but any stats are better than the lack of stats we currently have.

No word on pricing for the Steam version yet, either, but we’ll find that out together when it launches on the 27th.


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Notable Replies

  1. Will this update also add badges for the notifications?

  2. js619 says:

    And a rematch button, for the love of God.

  3. Yes!!! Rematch button is a must! And some easy way to differentiate invites versus “games where it’s the other player’s turn.”

    I just had to inform a friend that he had an invite waiting for him. He overlooked the fact that it was an invite and not a “waiting for other player” game.

    Yes, it says “pending” or something like that, but there’s no visual difference if you just look at it quickly.

  4. Jules says:

    Good suggestions guys and good to see the devs make the app even greater.

    I really like this game. If you havent played of yet, do so. You wont regret it.

  5. Those are all good additions.

    Being the selfish bastard I am, I’m also hoping for a Brink of War announcement soon.

  6. I thought you’d just be happy if I took my turn every now and then.

  7. I like to think of it more like we aren’t “racing” for anything … we are sort of “Strolling for the Galaxy.”

  8. I was in the beta but I just couldn’t emerge my self into the game whole heartedly. Maybe if I had been familiar with the physical version. I thought it was good but something seemed to be missing to keep me coming back. Is it the learning curve or the large amount of cards you need to familiarize your self with! Should I keep at it?

    Howdy all!

  9. I just chain play this game on my 2-3 hour plane flights.

    Would love some sort of stat tracking, but hey that might just be me.

    The AI is brutal. One small step or one sub optimal play and you are gone

  10. Just a general question - if I close the app and then re-enter, “play online” is greyed out. I have to force close the app and start back up in order to get the online option. Is there a way around this?

  11. js619 says:

    I get that all the time too… no idea what it’s about.

  12. The play online button incorrectly being gray on iOS will be fixed with this patch as well (or at least much improved :wink:

  13. js619 says:

    Any shot at a rematch button?

  14. A couple features didn’t make it that folks have asked for - online rematch button, online after match friend invite, and online player indicator. At some point you just gotta cut things off ship something. They’re all on the list for the future though. Sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.

  15. js619 says:

    Can’t have everything - glad to know they’re on the horizon though!

  16. Big update has dropped, including much more flexibility with friends lists.

    The time to play is NOW. I’m starting games with all you fools.

  17. Device sync! And app badges! Made my day …

  18. App badges is awesome! Especially since they said they wouldn’t be able to get them into this update.

  19. Jules says:

    I bought both expansion before the last update, but now they are gone. It shows I dont have them (anymore) This is on Android.
    Anybody else running into the same problem?

    EDIT: went into the app store to contact the devs and noticed there was another update. That one solved the above problem.

  20. Ran into the same issue. Will check Google Play to see if that update that fixes it has landed for me.

    (edit) totes fixed it for me too.

  21. ookay, so i will give “learning by playing” a try. but it’s my first online game.
    don’t really expect something like a good fight, Duke.
    will be more like a floor swipe :head_bandage:

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