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Onirim expands the dreamscape in latest update

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In a year filled with fantastic digital card games and solo time-wasters, Onirim stands out as one of our favorites. Its mix of quick, simple card play and a difficulty that seems just hard enough to keep you coming back for more is the peanut butter + chocolate combo we didn’t know we needed on our phones. Asmodee has been awfully generous with Onirim since its release, with it often going on sale for the price of a glass of tap water, but they also previously released a free expansion that added new glyphs and more doors (The Glyphs). Today another expansion arrived for Onirim (albeit not free), Crossroads and Dead Ends, and where The Glyphs made the game a bit easier, this one does not.

Crossroads and Dead Ends adds six new cards with the same glyphs we’ve come to know and love: suns, moons, and keys, but their color is a wildcard. That is, you can use them to complete a set of any color. Sounds like the game just got easier, right? Sure, but we haven’t talked about the damned dead ends yet. The Dead Ends are cards that clog your hand and cannot be discarded unless you discard your entire hand which hurts. Oh, and there are ten (10!!!) of them in the deck, meaning you’re not going to get lucky and avoid seeing many of them. No, every game will be filled with dead end nonsense.

The Crossroads and Dead Ends expansion is available for $1 via IAP, but the app is still free to download which is pretty crazy. Also, you can pick and choose which expansions you want to play with so you can mix both The Glyphs and Crossroads into one game if you wish, play each separately, or just play straight vanilla Onirim if that floats your boat.

The expansion isn’t the only addition in the latest update. Asmodee has also sped up the animations so game go by a bit quicker, and they’ve implemented a scoring system so you can compare your games with folks worldwide.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, pick it up for nothing and give it a try. It’s a fun little hand management title that is great for those minutes between real life when you need a short diversion. Asmodee mentions that more content is on the way as well, so get in on the ground floor now while the getting’s good.

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Notable Replies

  1. Loving it more with each expansion.

  2. This was definitely a welcome sight to see this morning!

    But is it just me, or am I not understanding the Intersection variant at all.

    I thought it made it so that a Crossroads card had to be your 2nd card in a trio if you were doing that.

    But I know I have it checked to include and I have been scoring trios with Crossroads cards at any position.

  3. haven’t played with that checked yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. From what I read of the description it did sound like the crossroads cards could ONLY be used as the middle card in a set that scores.

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